Fiction is fiction

Because we can name something

It does not make it de facto reality

So much is already debated

Especially our objectivity

Kant said A Priori

In critique of pure reason

For the absolute empiricist

This would be high treason

Fiction is fiction

No matter how you translate

There are limits to the imangineer

Just how do they speculate?

Pixie dust and fairy tales

Witchcraft and wolves bane

Alchemy and the philosophers stone

How much longer will they remain?

Today some will argue what is a woman?

And that men can have an abortion

Only one generation removed

From psychotic distortion

The problem is not

How many believe?

In twelve angry men

Who were the ones deceived?

Wittgenstein noted

We play language games

We create these problems

Simply by using these names

Many become confused

About the world that they see

How can they be satisfied?

How can they be freed?