If we have no standard to live by

We become lost in our moral decay

Using slogans to stay hidden from others

Our sophistry now on display

The rules of our engagement

Will change from day to day

A special hell for those who are aware

An equal condemnation for the ignorant who betray

The temptation of misused ego

The lack of any self resolve

Will impune others to accountability

As our own souls indeed will devolve


It’s easier to blame society

It’s easier to blame society

Than to improve our own moral character

Some say that’s why we have laws

Some say that’s why we have a savior

The social justice warriors

Will often loudly protest

They see only the problems outside of them

What problems in their character will they profess?

The character of a social network

Begins with the character of the individual

Only for the pragmatic

This is a first principle

How you look upon the world

Gives you a prism for what you see

Only you must decide how to act

Only you must decide how to be


But rather what lies in between



Caught in the chaos

It happened so fast

There are forces of evil

There are forces of good

A road paved with good intentions

How shall we determine what we should?

The world is watching

The politicians doublespeak

The religious pray for answers

The zealots prey on the meek

Men are corrupted and are falible

So little do we learn

The history of our fathers

Lay in embers of what we earn

The many ways forward

That we tread goes unforeseen

Not in the realms of Heaven or Hell

But rather what lies in between


If you tell me your opinion

If you tell me your opinion

The first thing I will do

Is consider your past behavior

To interpret this spoken view

There are countless ideas

Put into practice there are only a few

Do you live up to what you purport?

The logic of the evidence is only up to you

Before you rain comment

Deliberating what you think is due

Start first by looking within

Are you consistent in what you think as true?

The mind can distort our experience

On what we may purview

If you argue in moral dialogue

Are you impervious to critical review?

A superior intelect

Will always question what they construe

To live by what they say

Remains to be tested on what will ensue


Life is too precious

I embrace the joy

When I see the things line up in place

Time spent together

Sharing the world as I look upon your face

Knowing there is no expectation

Knowing only these feelings that stand

Part of the uncertainty

Is built into the hand

I don’t rely on criticisms

They only detract from the moment

One can spend a lifetime

To that which is unspoken

That which is meaningful

Is better when it is said

Never leave the heart unopened

Never leave it only in your head

Life is too precious

Rejoice in what life can offer

Too many of us never act

We leave it in an unused coffer


Why do you dismiss what you don’t understand?

The way you approach the world

It’s clear you have no respect

What you fail to investigate

Promulgates the ignorance on why you reject

A view through the lens of Marxist ideology

A world of chaos is what you see

In the arrogance of political dogma

You egregiously make your pleas

What is most disconcerting

You imitate what you hate

Though you do not recognize this

The irony of your fate

So much easier to lecture others

Adopting the indoctrination you accept as true

So little did you think about the implications

The reality that you live in and view

“If I were a tiger

I’d bite peoples’ heads off”

You told me this as a child

But now you just scoff

So easy to jump to conclusions

Faulty logic is close at hand

For someone who holds themself in high regard

I hold this behavior in remand

Why do you dismiss

What you don’t understand?

Chalk it up to your influences

Utopian as wonderland


The Mad Hatter of Epistemology

The human mind seeks to understand

In the mutable world there is no absolute

And so this begs the question

Why so resolute?

Our cognition is limited

As we strive to reach out

Not really knowing how to get there

Always so full of doubt

The inquiries into the metaphysical

The basic questions left to man

We will never really solve them

Yet we always think we can

The mystic, the philosopher, the shaman, The priest

All looking for answers

All looking for peace

Some turn to religion

Others turn to science and psychology

But still the rabbit hole goes deeper

The mad hatter of epistemology


Only now is what we bring

Be confident

You can do the right thing

Despite a troubled past

Only now is what we bring

To excessively question

Hurtful memories we endure

Our attachment to these injuries

Induces this proclivity that we procure

Living in the past

A nightmare we become

Living in the present

The game that is won

Direct your path

That is only in front of you

Without the reservations

You expect to be due

Stop the madness of our specters

That keeps us beholden to mistake

To undo what has been done

We must continue to forsake


Are you a critic or are you a lune?

What is truth?

What is fiction?

As children we believe in Santa Claus

As adults we engage in dereliction

Heliocentric or Geocentric?

Man on the moon?

Plato’s allegory of the cave

Are you a critic or are you a lune?

Some believe in fantasy

Some believe their confabulation

So many stories are told

So many stories with no real relation

The Greeks first told us

Epistemology is not just a word

If in this foundation we carelessly forget

Than therefore we must justly and surely deserve

There are so many traps

For the ignorant mind

One must reach a point

Before reality is left far behind

Just a glimmer of reason

Will unveil the elephant white

Thus shine the light on the problem

See what is under the rational spotlight

Choose any topic

Choose any analogy

Supply a good dose of critical thinking

Tease out the truth from this perplexity


Eulogy for common sense

We prayed this hour would never come

And so this hymn I sing and hum

The dearly departed

That may often leave

Escaping from those with eyes

That rightly and readily see

You transcend this humble and earthly place

The doctrines of reason now exalted with tamber and grace

The burdens you fought are now remorsefully embraced

For the impoverished minds that wear this sullen and blank face

Be free to roam

The heavenly sphere

We humans with challenges

Will always have fear

I would be remiss to not say

We are in your eternal debt

As you travel away from us

We must surely and passionately regret