Is This the Status Quo?


I have an idea

Maybe it’s popular

Maybe it’s crude

Should I share it on social media?

Is it crazy? Is it Lewd?

We seek out confirmation

We seek a validation that rings true

Are we deceiving ourselves?

Preaching to the choir?

Singing the blues?

We look to find others

With similar views

Keeping us up to date with precedent

But is this just another ruse?

Gotta find those people

Gotta find my muse

Gotta be in the know

When do I light the fuse?

We the social animal

We the egoist crew

We that need to belong

What do we satisfy when we accrue?

What audience am I seeking?

What conclusions do I prove?

Are we not looking in the mirror?

Are these not the reflections of our biases we behoove?

Are we expanding our outlook?

Or do we keep in a box?

One that is predictable?

One that is orthodox?

I’m not sure this takes us to anything new

I’m not sure this is a way to go

Why must we behave in this way?

Is this the state of affairs? Is this the status quo?


Opposing Views

A difference of opinion 

An opposing view

We all must protect our rights

Even the radical few

Freedom of speech

Endangered by rule

Attack on our liberties

The donkeys and mules

The human spirit

Cannont be silenced

MLK and Gandhi will attest

An example of the few

Who fought for the rest

A voice silenced by law 

Is not something new

Only reason and debate
Can quell the dissonant voices

And this is in my view

A mind unfree to think

Not allowed to question

Not allowed to dream

A plantation mentality

A design of the thought machine

To suppress an open discussion

The thought police reins king

Climate change Denier

They want you to plead guilty and sing

The penalty imposed is dangerous

The penalty imposed let’s be clear

There is no republic without freedom

And despotic rule is severe 

The Irony in The Myth of Sisyphus

When your outlook is dim

We tend to notice what in life is grim

We relate to the world

Thinking that the fix is in

Our energy diverted

A diminished reality

We see only the negative

How can this be?

I tire of this habit

Beholden to this claim

I tire of this feeling

That subjects me to shame – Who’s to blame?

The physics of emotion

In all antiquity

Questioned by the mystics

The essence of energy

Suffering can be averted

If the mind employed is free

Free from attachment

Siddhartha Gautama is key

If we manifest our destiny

The impoverished minds will plea

God please save us

They shout at the devil – reactionary philosophy

If we manifest our destiny

The wise men say

We change our reality

Orient to the positive

Attract to the good in this way

Whatever befalls us

10% is what we make it

As for the rest of our experience

90% is how we take it

The myth of Sisyphus

Camus counters with disdain

The obsession absurd

Is it an irony of perception?

An irony all the same!


A Mystery of Division

Tears are falling

The vapid people cry

Another patron saint is calling

Upon those in grief who try

What is the price levied?

Upon the dark souls of those with twisted philosophies?

Justice is often served

When the blindfold is employed indeed

The Western world under attack

An evil is upon us; the globalist agenda creed

The Middle Eastern world does not assimilate

The jihadist refugee invasion…agreed

Ptolemy to Copernicus

The earth is no longer the center, as are we

Science now in many paradigms

Christian dogma again under siege

The origins of religion

And the laws of man they decree

The flaws of man in jeopardy

A mystery of division now seen


The Social Justice Warrior

How splendid are we

The Social Justice Warrior will plea

They argue in ignorance of the free

A constitution recognized only for their need

SJW you bite the apple, the forbidden tree

Are there secrets you refrain to see?

The devil does not exist

Safe to say you agree?

SJW you do what you’re told

Don’t disregard the facts

Don’t put logic on hold

Please chalenge authority

Don’t always believe what’s been sold

SJW beating the drum so loud

Stirring the divisions

Stirring the crowd

It validates the agendas

Of which you are so proud

SJW a proxy to a disease

The average man now on his knees

Prince or pauper; who will you appease

A nation of laws

A constitution now under siege

Parties that point the finger

Often become the bullies

We all want accountability

We should all want honest debate

Because we disagree

Should we not seek common ground to conflate?

To the libertarian…an individual is important

To the Progressive… the collective is the vital thread

From culture to cult

Yes that is what I said

We the people

Live with tolerance and controversy

What values do you support?

Is it left only to subjectivity?

SJW speak up and speak loud

Are you sure of what you believe in…

Is not covered in any shroud?

Conduct ourselves with integrity

Conduct our behavior with etiquette

Forget the hive mentality

The mob may not always rule, not yet

Consider the issues wisely

Don’t listen to the gang of fools

Know who are the puppets

Know the operating tools

The republic is not perfect

The truth written in our decree

We the people

in order to form a more perfect union

established justice secure domestic tranquility

provide for the common defense

promote the general welfare advance

secure the blessings of liberty

to ourselves and posterity

do ordain and establish this Constitution

for the United States of America


From Peasants to Kings

From peasants to kings

We all need the same things

How we measure our wealth

And the value we place on our health

Teaches us our utopias

Are just thoughts away from our dystopia

Seekers young and old

Must remove the decoys of blindfolds

The distractions that we face

Are all too much commonplace

In 1513 Ponce de León sought the fountain of youth

A never-ending desire, a never-ending truth

Jason and the Argonauts sought the golden fleece

But in the end Prince Jason, would not find any peace

Sir Perceval and Sir Galahad; Knights who sought the Holy Grail

Another illusive search, another illusive tale

Dorothy and Toto finds a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Lion in Oz

Only to find out that a happiness, can only be self-caused

A quest for a better life is not as hard as you think

We separate our reality by story, to awaken to this truth in a blink


How would you know


How would you know?

Even when we talk

Do you listen when I speak?

Didn’t hear me?… what a shock

How would you know?

Do you listen when I speak?

Do you pay attention to what I say?

Why is your understanding of me weak?

How would you know?

When we think we know each other

We assume we can fill in the blanks

But when we go too far into our own head

That’s where we loose it brother

Because we are close

We should not disconnect

Maybe we presume?

Maybe we should circumspect?

Ask and don’t give an answer

To the questions we forget to bid

Hear and don’t give a sigh

To the prejudgements we keep hid


Damn interpersonal epistemology