Samedi, Mars 22, 1986


Its when I feel like crying

And the pain seems so intense

That in the moment of unpleasant sorrow

I get a vivid glimpse

As I begin to focus upon

The different troubling themes

I notice subtle changes in my thoughts

My heart un-expectantly unforeseen

I honestly praise the being who created me

Thank you for all thou has gives to thee

Inspiration has saturated this thing I call my soul

Constructive and prosperous ways now take their stand their toll

It’s only now that I understand

They’ve always been in hand

Left to mull over my newborn dreams

I find a stint of untouched responsibility

And that of which I found to be a kindly bit too lean

Nay be I cast into fret nor fear

I find ever valued strength to pursue this challenging path I steer

I step into consciousness

Devouring pride with graceful speed

Absorbing memories

I look to the present

Embellished in time

It’s a pleasure to seek wisdom

In which the pleasure is mine


Am I Living out Wrath?

What if we protect ourselves from past pain

Replace the bad memories with false ones

Fake it and act out as another person we’d like to be

Am I one of those sons?

What if we could not handle the truth?

Get lost in a dream

Invent a world where we can live

Forever looking for a way to redeem

A simple example

The common confabulation

Our minds often rewrite

Such a simple relation

Not the way it happened

Not the way it is

We circle back years later

Trying to reconcile this nostalgic quiz

Maybe pride, maybe sloth or greed

Maybe lust, maybe gluttony or envy

I wonder which one I’ve fallen into?

I wonder which one is me?

Maybe my punishment is my hidden anger?

Am I living out wrath?

Have I become my own executioner?

Or is it the result of growing up with a psychopath?








The Prudent become the Dissenter


See the opportunity and provide the need

You are the agent

Do you make it better or do you impede?

A musician creates harmony

The shepherd protects his flock

A good priest is a good steward

The bad priest is unfrocked

The universe does not revolve around us

The self is not at the center

The ego wants to disagree

The prudent become the dissenter

In a situation

Find your composure

Seek equanimity

Provide for closure




Robin Williams’ –

King of the moon

The adventures of Baron Munchausen

Never satisfied, is it not just a case of a loon

Driven by compulsion

Addictive never ending need

Seduction of a captor

Blinded by the will to feed

The human condition

The pleasure principle

The wounded ego’s of the misguided children

Often become lost in the physical


Toxic Vibe

It’s really sad

And a little bit scary

A toxic vibe

That makes me weary

I’m often criticized

For the things that I say

It’s astonishing how much

Your expectations are in play

If you wanted to talk

Maybe you should have called me

Rather than point the finger

Which is precisely why I seem to be absentee

There is nothing wrong

With texting a few words

Expressing a concern

A calming visit from some hummingbirds

You seem to be projecting

Feelings that you believe

Are the only answers

You wish only to perceive


You’ll Continue to Tailspin

Sometimes I escape

Back into my dreams

Sleeping in the day

Better than living in a world that makes me want to scream

And so you start a routine

Whether you sleep or whether you drink

The result is still the same

Maybe it’s time to rethink

We become counterproductive

When the apathy settles in

If you take no action

You’ll continue to tailspin


And only Strive for the Ideal

Best not to give advice

Better to improve your own life

Who are we to pass judgment on others

We can barely manage to end our own strife

Sometimes I want to run away

Sometimes I want to run to you

Best to figure out what I’m running from

Than to bring it to your doorstep without any clue

We make choices

Our expectations are filled with our desire

If only we can catch a break?

If only we can acquire?

And so I ask myself the tough questions

I know I have to be real

I must live my life

And only strive for the ideal