The Social Justice Warrior

How splendid are we

The Social Justice Warrior will plea

They argue in ignorance of the free

A constitution recognized only for their need

SJW you bite the apple, the forbidden tree

Are there secrets you refrain to see?

The devil does not exist

Safe to say you agree?

SJW you do what you’re told

Don’t disregard the facts

Don’t put logic on hold

Please chalenge authority

Don’t always believe what’s been sold

SJW beating the drum so loud

Stirring the divisions

Stirring the crowd

It validates the agendas

Of which you are so proud

SJW a proxy to a disease

The average man now on his knees

Prince or pauper; who will you appease

A nation of laws

A constitution now under siege

Parties that point the finger

Often become the bullies

We all want accountability

We should all want honest debate

Because we disagree

Should we not seek common ground to conflate?

To the libertarian…an individual is important

To the Progressive… the collective is the vital thread

From culture to cult

Yes that is what I said

We the people

Live with tolerance and controversy

What values do you support?

Is it left only to subjectivity?

SJW speak up and speak loud

Are you sure of what you believe in…

Is not covered in any shroud?

Conduct ourselves with integrity

Conduct our behavior with etiquette

Forget the hive mentality

The mob may not always rule, not yet

Consider the issues wisely

Don’t listen to the gang of fools

Know who are the puppets

Know the operating tools

The republic is not perfect

The truth written in our decree

We the people

in order to form a more perfect union

established justice secure domestic tranquility

provide for the common defense

promote the general welfare advance

secure the blessings of liberty

to ourselves and posterity

do ordain and establish this Constitution

for the United States of America


In the age of the Technocrats

In the age of the Technocrats

I cling to my ideas

I don’t question authority

Surely they embody the panacea

I’m taught not to challenge 

The collective we praised

The liberties that once guided us

Are now considered to be crazed

The higher my education

My superiority reins

My arrogance not recognized

My indoctrination is sustained 

There is no humility

When the ego thinks it’s right

Commuted only to the cause

Despite the anomalous evidence

That is given no search light



A 21st Century Dystopian Psalm

The age of Information

A stealth of tyranny grows

A camouflage of deception 

Rein of disinformation flows

The devils with forked tongues

Create a prison for the people

Ensnaring the weak minded

Validating the lexicon defining sheeple 

A Stockholm Syndrome takes hold

A nation of chaos now divided Fight

But the oppressers undetected

Remain still in open sight

A misdirection by sophists

Spotlight a national narrative 

No basis in reality

The dystopian Psalm imperative

Shut down free speech

Keep the nation in control

The ministry of truth

The thought police will now surveil the soul

The mortality of commen sense

In bondage and enslaved

Only the strong minded

Will resist the tyranny and engage

Freedom of choice

On a razzors edge

The bean counters obsess

On the zero hedge


The Info War


A gruff voice on the radio

A passionate rant on the tube

The info war is upon us

A man versus the rube

The Koolaid we are given

The establishment propaganda machine

Disseminated to the masses

As Alex clears the smokescreen

Take notice citizen and contrymen

Take notice don’t tread on me

The infiltration is upon us

When will the truth be seen

The answer to Orwell

The answer to 1984

The answer to be given

Is 1776 to be sure

The delusionite’s are tragic

This scourge has infected the weak

The one’s they have culled from the litter

The one’s who’s outlook is bleak

The trade treaty manipulators

The global elite policy

The engineered racial crisis

The purge of an ethical ontology

Oh Mr. Jones

The fight for the common man

Begins with the awakening

Catch it if you can







I’m A Grocery Man

I’m a grocery man 

I work all the time 

When you’re off on the weekend

I’m still workin’ …Mr. Kroger’s so kind

I’m a grocery man

Work every hour every day

Working on a Sunday

Sometimes isn’t worth the time and a half pay

I’m a grocery man

A career of sarafice 

Dwindling benefits

The company makes us pay the price

I’m a grocery man

What more can I say

Used to be a good job

Back in the day  

Dealing with the general public

Just isn’t right

They can do no wrong

My hands are tied…no fight

If you’re gonna ask me

I’ll give you some advise

If retail is a zero sum game

Than you better think twice

They are in it for a profit

At much of an employees’ expense

The cost of human labor

Makes the picket lines very tense

Wake up smell the coffee

It’s happening right before our eyes

Cheep Chinese goods traded 

At the expense of American lives

Mr. Simons can work

Ready, willing, and able

On the government SNAP

Living a socialist fable


The Sickness of Sanity


The sickness of sanity

Is filling my head

The masters and keepers of servants cause dread

A psycho-war is upon us

A propaganda disease

To muster public opinion

And put us on our knees

Do not question authority

The constitution is dead

An old piece of paper

not needed they said

Believe them they tell us

Official documents don’t lie

Trust in me the serpent said

Kaa the snake said with his eyes

Attacking religion

Shaming the flag of the free

Destabilize the country

Point the finger

And blame it on greed

They poise to turn us on each other

They use a false logic and state

We are the subject’s

We don’t have a choice in our fate

The sickness of sanity

Is filling my head

The masters and keepers of servants cause dread

A psycho-war is upon us

A propaganda disease

To muster public opinion

And put us on our knees

For those who question 911

You have no voice

For those who may oppose us

A prison sentence will only be your choice

I stand against the docket

That condemns a free man

I stand against the agency

That rules against us and caters to a foreign land

You might think us to be ignorant

But what you don’t understand

We are the people

The people who are on to your plan

The politicians in your pocket

The media and that’s for sure

Try hard to misdirect us

Try as hard as they do, they are not pure

How will the century end?

How will the historians tally up?

On the take?

Or on the road for being morally bankrupt?

The power of one

Can change the day

The legacy of the plutocrats

Will lead us to embers and decay




Awaken the giant again

Legendary country once free

Now in bondage

The captors fees

A bitter pill to swallow

For the men of inequality

A stagnation of progress

The politicians plant these seeds

Proven to the world

To hault any tyranny

But slowly they invaded

Dire straights for democracy

The powerful wicked

Care not for the people indeed

Wolves in Sheep clothing

Descend upon us and feed

Men of great distinction

Whom once led the land

Are no longer with us, no direction

As we sink our heads in the sand

A socialistic populace

Has no incentive and becomes lost

Controlled by the man

Now burdened by the cost

The Liberty we sacrifice

Giving in to our generated fears

The masters that divide us

At the expense of our children’s tears