Are you a critic or are you a lune?

What is truth?

What is fiction?

As children we believe in Santa Claus

As adults we engage in dereliction

Heliocentric or Geocentric?

Man on the moon?

Plato’s allegory of the cave

Are you a critic or are you a lune?

Some believe in fantasy

Some believe their confabulation

So many stories are told

So many stories with no real relation

The Greeks first told us

Epistemology is not just a word

If in this foundation we carelessly forget

Than therefore we must justly and surely deserve

There are so many traps

For the ignorant mind

One must reach a point

Before reality is left far behind

Just a glimmer of reason

Will unveil the elephant white

Thus shine the light on the problem

See what is under the rational spotlight

Choose any topic

Choose any analogy

Supply a good dose of critical thinking

Tease out the truth from this perplexity