A hard road ahead you will find

If you follow your heart

You must also employ the mind

Unbridled passion, and unbridled reason alone

A hard road ahead you will find

Issues of our childhood education

Does not result from a book

Rather it is the unlearning

Of that which diminishes our outlook

Challenges within a family

Run deep within our persona

Not an impossible impediment

Just go ask Jonah

Our greatest treasure

Lies within our personal connections

How we treat others

Given our predominant affections


The man in search of a conspiracy

Paranoid schizophrenic?

Or a damaged sense of trust?

When he starts asking questions

He says that the truth is his lust

Sometimes his questions are valid

Sometimes they are in vain

The difference between a skeptic and a madman

One chooses to prove or falsify, and the other chooses to merely refrain

Be selective of your intellectual battles

Do not let your reason be improperly swayed

Use multiple sources in research

Before you start on your imprudent crusade

You must live with your findings

You must be able to support your claim

You are the one responsible

For what is the purpose of your aim?

It is unlikely you will change the world

But you are likely to change your view

Be careful of what you accept

Be mindful of what you think is true


The Purity Tests We Make

Please forgive me

And my sensitivity

It’s just the existential John-Boy Walton

That seems to live within me

It’s a hard thing to pass

The purity tests we make

There is always one that escapes me

The one that I fail to take

The discipline that shapes me

Is applied with autonomous resolution

But I am never assured

Of any universal solution

And so I do my best

To act with a semblance of wisdom

That I continue to seek

With optimistic determinism

We must all evaluate

The road that is ahead

The rules that we navigate

Must align us with how we tread


I Know I have to Heal

I choose to be happy

But I have much work to do

I have a damaged soul

Just between me and you

Traumatized in my childhood

I eventually outgrew and overcame

But if you don’t resolve the issues

They tend to come back to visit again and again

Ironically I cannot turn to the family

Since their influence is part of my shame

I know I have to heal

And depose this pain that comes out of my blame


The Character of the Fool

I know I am not perfect

Yet I think I should strive to be

I know you are not either

Thus, the operative pronoun is we

If we belong to a community

Then we should participate in an excepted moral law

To not participate as such

Will be our dishonorable petulant flaw

Many people think nothing of this

They act with no discipline or skill

To besmirch another in confrontation

Comes naturally to their will

What I find most objectionable

Are those that point and do not do what they say

The character of the fool

Is what they portray


In the function of folly

In the function of folly

I gave up on myself today

The pain from my past

Just keeps eating my soul away

If I continue down this road

Diminishing returns are certain

Shall I follow the road made from the yellow brick?

And ask the man behind the curtain?

If you can no longer be inspired

Then you’ve ghosted your soul that is now pronounced dead

You must fight this egregious apathy

That runs deep within your weary head

The world is full of suffering

Mother Teresa once said

But it is also full of the overcoming of it

As this is the lesson that we must spread


When we self-reflect

The things we tell ourselves

Just may not be true

Distortions of our perception

Makes the sky gray and not blue

In our attempt to sway opinion

We may say things and try to deceive

The better we get at this

The better the chance is that they will believe

But it’s those little lies

When we self-reflect

That protect our egos

We are unwilling to inspect

If we lose our ability

To be truthful in how we act

Our credibility becomes weak

Breaking down the social contract