WikiPsalm Seventy

The misguided children of a lifetime spent

In the seclusion of their deeds

When will their atonement…

Plant their seeds?

Awaken them from slumber

Try to figure out their troubled past

Before a day of reckoning

Will reach out and seize them steadfast

Only when a soul can be brightened

A recollection of times in contrast

Will give them a needed perspective

For an idea to outlast


WikiPsalm Sixty Eight

I remember days when I was excited

The venture into a new territory

A world of new discovery

A view of the exculpatory

The price of innocence

We make mistakes

You can’t undo but you can right the course

Our moral integrity makes these stakes

Naiveté is a misnomer

A purpose we learn with measure

If we pay attention

We behold the hidden treasure

WikiPsalm Sixty Eight




WikiPsalm Sixty Seven

The human condition

Choices for the disadvantaged

The frailty of our kind

Beckons the purveyors of the mismanaged

Rise above the madness

Surrounded by the Repugnant

Look first within

excise the malignant

Take action we must

Account for the harmonious

Can we become more?

Or are we just Sanctimonious?

WikiPsalm Sixty- Seven


WikiPsalm Sixty Two

I choose to see beauty in the sky

I see the beauty in your eyes

Refresh my soul as those of like mind reply

We reveal ourselves in a virtual do or die

I wish no longer to cling to pain

Just another habit we take in vain

Realize this to keep me sane

We should only allow this futile suffering to wane

WikiPsalm Sixty Two