WikiPsalm #Sixteen

I’ve reached the point in my life I live

The capacity to love

The capacity to give

Lived through much

A few knocks on the way

But I’ve learned from these lessons

I’m happy to say

Developing a moral compass

Opening a heart that is wise

Can inspire your world

And help you actualize

WikiPsalm #Sixteen


WikiPsalm #Fifteen

In arrogance I am aroused by my feelings

I strongly submit my way is best

I demonstrate this devotion

And so I manifest

I stand on the right side of history

I stand correct in my assessment

But what the impetuous youth declares

Won’t clear the stage for the average adolescent

Being young won’t give you wisdom

Without time, without test

The highest matters

Should not be decided and put to rest

WikiPsalm #Fifteen




WikiPsalm #Fourteen

I welcome the sun

The warmth of its rays

And when I look at you

My heart is ablaze

I am filled with a radiance

I welcome this sensation

The goodness in the world

That comes back is my elation

We must always remember

The greatest gifts of all

Are from our heart

No matter how small

WikiPsalm #Fourteen


WikiPsalm #Thirteen

There are times when we wake

From a trance like sleep

Giving in to an inner voice

Making promises we can’t keep

It is precisely in this time

We should vindicate our aspiration

Acknowledging a conflict building

Within this mindful vexation

Become clear about what is important

Clarify this in your deeds

Do not let unworthy influence

Give council that often misleads

WikiPsalm #Thirteen


WikiPsalm #Twelve

I choose happiness

The spirit of a great human good

Despite my troubles

This is still understood

My job can be taxing

At least I can put shoes on my feet

I don’t have much furniture

But at least I can still take a seat

Might not have the best menu

But at least I can afford to eat

And when I get tired

I have a place to rest my head and sleep

Be thankful for your blessings

Sometimes we do not know

Just how good we have it

Compared to those who live in the shadow

WikiPsalm #Twelve