WikiPsalm #Forty Three

Monkey puts hand into a jar

Grabs onto the candy

But it won’t go far

When we invest in a wrong idea and we never let it go

No matter how hard we try

This effort will not reveal nor will it show

The truth will elude us

Hiding behind a shadow of stealth

Unless we modify our grip

We are certain to lose our mental health

WikiPsalm #Forty Three


WikiPsalm #Forty One

Proper action is both knowing and doing

To say you know has no merit unless you follow with practice in doing

To do without knowing why is like a coin toss

The results may vary

You might experience a win, you might experience a loss

Be a master with good habit

These dividends will carry you far

The realm of the superior person

The agency of a Confucian Czar

WikiPsalm #Thirty Nine