WikiPsalm #Three

With Compassion we recognize

The mutual connection of the human being

We transcend our differences

We liberate ourselves- the process of valuable healing

With proper care and attention

A planted seed will grow healthy and strong

Teach your children well

In compassion lies our need to belong

WikiPsalm #Three


WikiPsalm #One

Today I will see myself in a positive way

I can be patient and kind

This is the evidence

That if you look you will find

The Tennent to be good to others

Includes the principle of reciprocity

When the wisdom that is often neglected

Lies not in others point of view but in our own responsibility

Self apply this ethic

Learn self-respect and humility

We can be our own worst critic

We are our own liability

WikiPsalm #one


Sisters and Brothers of the Misbegotten

A possible world is outside for the taking

The limits we impose

Internal or external

We ourselves must dispose

The problems we face

Much of what we choose

The valuable lessons we learn

Even when we lose

Pure of heart

Stillness of mind

Open the doors of opportunity

Close the misfortunate ones behind

We are creatures of habit

What we think and what we do

The cycle of our mistakes

Are often not thought through

The expectation is repeated

An outcome is skewed in this way

The beliefs we give into

The beliefs we betray

The family of humanity

Sisters and brothers of the misbegotten

Remember to care for the heart

And that what is most forgotten

Of this I can tell you

Put life into the possibility you see

Consider what is positive

Consider what is folly


A Captivation by Degree

In the twinkle of an eye

Something changed inside of me

I was stirred by endearment

A captivation by degree

I want only to tell you

But somehow I think you may know

Just how I’m feeling

It is hard for me not to show

A part of me feels stronger

When you are near

Not sure of why

Only that it is clear

Consider your friendship

To make it stronger?

I hope not to make you hesitate

Will you look any longer?

Maybe I am mistaken

Maybe the search is still in progress

What have you found?

I am here, nevertheless

Is it the right timing?

Is it the right fit?

Can you invest yourself?

Can you admit?

Did I not see something in you?

That see’s something in me?

Have I got it wrong?

Look into the mirror or let it be!

I trust you will do the same

I only want to share what I see

I surrender to the universe

Open your heart, you have the key

Una Cautivación por grado



The Evidence is Clear

The evidence is clear

The victim must go

Another case on the docket

Just ask my friend Thoreau

Plead the case to the court

The optics of the jury may show

Just what you don’t see

In your Johari window

We mask ourselves from experience

Posit a flawed world view

Our perception is tainted

So easy to misconstrue

Only the courageous

Will break from this state

Allowing the truth

To propagate