It’s Easier to Remain

To keep your sanity

When you are down this must be understood

In your times of troubles

You must always remember the good

It’s easier to remain

In an endless shame

Than to find your way out

Of the self-imposed blame and doubt

Our apathy at heart

Is where we must start

Indignant to no longer stand

For a change to take place we must demand

Conservation of energy

Sink or swim

We must allow for an alternative

Maybe we can float on the whim


I majored in Geology

I majored in geology

But now I can only teach

I repeat many of the talking points

From highly politicized speech

I sound off on social media

Never with intent for a healthy debate

I hear the deliberations from my echo chamber

Most in favor of what I state

I presume I am smart and woke

So I espouse in political rabble

They say my logic is shaky at best

And most of my claims are just babble

Is it that I complain?

At least that is what my opponents believe

What would make them say this?

What about my argument makes them grieve?

Am I doing the right thing?

Expressing my views with an animus of hate?

Safely imbedded and shouting from within the mob

And this is how you translate!-


The trick to the tale

I have purpose

I have hope

I have Dreams

But sometimes I just can’t cope

The rainy days

The tremendous cloud

Fills the sky

And sometimes you reach for the shroud

The trick to the tale

Restore balance and find your ground

Learn to swim if you’re thrown in the water

That way you won’t have to drown



Wallow in the Mire

Ask the right questions

Focus on the good

Knowing that you have been wronged

Won’t matter if this is understood

The best way forward

You must first find your stride

Following the affirmative

Let this be your guide

When you allow the cynical voices

To occupy your mind

You squelch any happiness

That you are willing if able to find

Wallow in the mire

Bespattered with wounded pith

If you remain there too long

A potential to overcome becomes myth


All Things Must Pass

It’s hard to rise in the morning

If you care not to wake from your bed

With no purpose or motivation

Stirring around in your head

Maybe a prayer or a call from a good friend

Will revive your resolution

Showing you it’s not as bad as you thought

Giving you a light of absolution

It’s possible to think too highly of ourselves

It’s also possible to think of the other extreme

How do we balance the equation?

How do we maintain a healthy routine?

Those who are conscientious

Those who are thoughtful

Just may be more likely

To observe and be watchful

When you place yourself under intense scrutiny

Sometimes you look to closely into your heart

Unable to forgive past misgivings

Not sure how to make a new start

Listen carefully

Allow for a heart to heal

All things must pass

It’s all about how you make the deal


It just might be for your sake

The most powerful resource in the human condition

Our need to belong, our need for connection

Not unlike the power of Love

Not unlike the power of rejection

In our isolation

We struggle to prevail

In our disconnection

We are more likely to fail

A healthy social construct

Must be available for all

Given the state of humanity

We are destined to occasionally fall

Bruce K Alexander

Studies with Rat Park

Showed me without a doubt

He was right on the mark

So why don’t we hear more about this?

What else will it take?

Make this apart of your life

It just might be for your sake