The Quicksand of the Soul


The quicksand of the soul

Siddhartha mustered this insight

So many, many years ago

How do I know?

How do I relate?

Do I make this up?

Do I confabulate?

How many paths?

How many ways?

We can seduce ourselves

Clinging to this fantasy gaze

Fear not my compatriots

The wisdom comes from age

Tempered in the forge of reality

Allow the mind to disengage



And this is what I exclaim

I think of you at sunrise

I think of you at sunset

I think of you in between

Wanting to know more about you since we met

I don’t normally act like this

It is not really like me

Somehow someway I’m stirred inside

It’s something I think you can see

You are the most beautiful person I know

It’s not for what you wear

Not what’s on the surface counts most

But for me it’s what’s on the inside-

This for me is my fresh air

You might call me passionate

You might call me this name

I express what I feel

And this is what I exclaim


Que al amanecer que al atardecer le entre ganas de saber más acerca de usted desde que nos conocimos normalmente no actúa como es realmente no me gustaria de alguna manera alguna manera yo estoy revuelto en su interior es algo que me parece se ve que es pienso pienso pienso más persona hermosa sé que no es por lo que use no lo que está en la superficie cuenta con la mayoría pero para mí es lo que está en el interior, esta para mi es mi aire fresco le puede llamada me apasionado podría llamarme este nombre expresar lo que siento y esto es lo que yo exclamar

Tap the Fire in my Soul

Inspire me to become better

Tap the fire in my soul

Unleash my potential

This has always been a goal

But for me you make it easy

I’m touched and I tell you in this way

I am thankful for your influence

I am a better man than I was yesterday

I embrace these gifts

Lavish me in splendor

The scent of your hair and the touch of your skin

Makes my heart tender

I am truly blessed

My outlook in life

I greet my opportunities

I discard my strife

I welcome the Day

And what I can bring

What I can provide

An emotional wellspring


Supongo que un colegial yo siempre voy a ser

Sólo estoy sosteniendo el

pensamiento de ustedes me hace sonreír

Mi corazón late más fuerte,

como creo que te das cuenta de

que he estado deseando decirle

a veces no sé cómo

tan sólo voy a escribir mis sentimientos

y decirte en un poema

mis sentimientos son verdaderos

mis intenciones son puras

sólo quiero mostrarle

sólo quiero que usted sepa

que no sé por qué

no tengo una respuesta

únicamente comparto este corazón

para descubrir

quizá podamos conectar

quizá podamos confiar uno al otro

no puedo evitar lo que siento yo

supongo que un colegial yo siempre voy a estar

cuando pienso en ti


WikiPsalm #Sixteen

I’ve reached the point in my life I live

The capacity to love

The capacity to give

Lived through much

A few knocks on the way

But I’ve learned from these lessons

I’m happy to say

Developing a moral compass

Opening a heart that is wise

Can inspire your world

And help you actualize

WikiPsalm #Sixteen


WikiPsalm #Fifteen

In arrogance I am aroused by my feelings

I strongly submit my way is best

I demonstrate this devotion

And so I manifest

I stand on the right side of history

I stand correct in my assessment

But what the impetuous youth declares

Won’t clear the stage for the average adolescent

Being young won’t give you wisdom

Without time, without test

The highest matters

Should not be decided and put to rest

WikiPsalm #Fifteen




Let this be Understood

I had to tune out the news today

I keep seeing the perpetual propaganda

Need to keep my eye on the ball

Need to accept the Miranda

Focus on the moment

Forget the Past

Forgive and be positive

Do not become the iconoclast

We allow ourselves to get caught

The trappings of the hive mind

Just a little information

Seeds our vision and makes us blind

Don’t want an embittered heart

Take out the poison that’s in my blood

Control the thinking that

Will create this toxic flash flood

My meditation

My triumph over the negatives

Sends me on a trajectory over

My go-to expletives

Send me on my way

Let me do something good

Let kindness flow

Let this be understood