Paid my Dues

Paid my dues

No one owed me anything

Earned my way

Maybe sometimes under the angels wing

I roll with the punches

Don’t always get what I want

But when it comes down to it

Do or die on with the hunt

Don’t know if you can teach this

Don’t know when I was taught

Boils down to character I guess

Either gifted or sought

But let’s be honest

I’ve tumbled many times with scars still there

I pray to be humble

Not too salty

When balanced I’m aware

The darkest of times

Lies not in the absence of light

But in the absence of faith

Thinking there will never ever be any cessation of night

Call it a miracle

Call it chance

Swear into the wind

Or stay in a trance

Become the person

Your past self will appreciate

Inspire by beating adversity

Get on with the Chase

Love conquers all

See with your heart

Heal the wounds

Make a new start


Lift the Veil

Lift the veil

Clarify my life

Let me see the true meaning

What contributes to my strife?

The root of our deceit

Take away the delusions

Keep me sane

Take away the illusions

Can I get past my ego?

Can I muster the strength?

Am I true to myself?

In what time, at what length?

Correct my vision

See through a clear lens

Do I create what I see?

So it’s on me that it depends

Purify my heart

Don’t let my prejudice get in the way

Find my way home

On this I will pray

Manifest your destiny

The laws of attraction demonstrate

There are no shortcuts with karma

You receive what you cultivate

Lift the veil

Clarify my life

Let me see the true meaning

What contributes to my strife?


Is In Just Where This Destiny Lies

We thrive on love

Yet our embittered hearts divide us

It’s madness we prevent

The only thing that can provide for us

Love is sacred

A necessary condition to live well

Deny this condition

We create our own hell

Our biggest opportunity 

Teach the children how to nourish this need

Many parents have impoverished souls

Many children will take heed

Everyday is a new beginning 

We must start to recognize

The fate of our humanity

Is in just where this destiny lies

Do We Just Hide

A kind old soul

but with time a heart can turn

trouble with relationships 

we sometimes just don’t learn 

Blood flows through the heart 

Its pulse keeps us alive 

so too does love 

to help us thrive 

Sever this connection 

neglect this need 

the heart becomes weaker 

Just watch it bleed

Impoverished heart 

impoverished resolve

So too will our spirit

Slowly dissolve

Kindness is forgiving

Kindness is fearless

Shows only what’s truly necessary 

Rejecting the malicious 

Breathe in and exhale

The oxygen we crave

The characters in life

The characters on the stage

How many more failures

Will a person make

Before they realize

What is at stake

When do we look?

Deep inside

Do we own up?

Or do we just hide?

A Leap of Faith


Some children ask 

If they are worthy of love 

Only knowing the chasm felt 

That the parents cannot dispose of 

We are a complex people 

Who fail to see the simple need

We perpetuate this problem

The one that we will often feed

Lonely is the night

Ambivalent child is awake

Numbing is the sensation

After the trembling heart shakes

Calming the soul

From the sound of a rotating fan

Brings peace to the child

Chasing away for a moment – the bogeyman

Dreams become nightmares 

The sleeping child cannot fight

No one to turn to

In the dark or in the light

Child now adult

A life underway

Many lessons learned

Many in disarray 

A leap of faith

He must convey

Despite diminishing returns

Of a brand new day

The recognition of good

Can be seen by all

The design of love

Heals all that fall

The greatest gift

That he can make

Love those around him

For everyone’s sake


Tender my Frustration

Tender my frustration

Only the law abiding will pay

A state can never impose any law

That the criminal will ever obey

Tender my frustration

The working man’s plea

There is no incentive to work

When you collect off the taxpayer’s assist

Wait, what else can I take as a perk

Tender my frustration

What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is yours

Learn to make it on your own

But you’ve gotta do your chores 

Tender my frustration

Words are words

Often the politically correct

Use a narrative to bend logic

Only to misdirect

Tender my frustration

I know I’m not alone

Only by working together

Cutting through all of the hormone

Tender my frustration

We must find a way

Else we will parish

Under the boot in the face or the bullets that ricochet

A Prayer to Rescind


A grieving lonely sod

Whispers silently in the wind

Heard only by the angels

A prayer to rescind

Abandoned house

 Sits on a hill 

built long ago 

Are there memories that dwellith still?

 Modest furniture 

Much in disrepair 

A family gone away 

Leaves no laughter there 

The last owner spent his money 

Upgrades to a sorrowful house

Neither spending time with his children 

Neither spending time with his spouse 

This home was his castle 

Attributing higher value to it then his kin

A bewitchment of the Devil?

A bewitchment from narcissistic whim?

The wares of our deception 

Account for much of the blame 

Whom will take any account?

Whom will take any shame?

Beseech the broken-hearted

Only the down-trodden know

This cumbersome attachment

A broken family can bestow