I Am the Enemy of the Better Me

I am the enemy of the better me

When I find ways of defeat

I think

The only way to win is cheat

If you dig yourself into a hole

The further you get the farther you go

Where you stop

Only you control

Conflict will arise

When you meet reality

Your ego will resist

As you relinquish your objectivity

If you abandon your sense of purpose

Your moral compass is lost

Your journey has no direction

Can you imagine what is the cost?



Do we agree?

Is it fate?

What binds our experience?

When we communicate?

Are we vulnerable?

When we relate?

Do you feel like me?

When we commiserate?

Are we on or are we off?

Maybe not me, maybe not you

Call the bluff

Give the devil his due

Wise man told me…good, better, best

Don’t let it rest

Till the good is better

And the better is best

Find the center

Find a path

Navigate with caution

In the aftermath

Attract the positive

Look only for the good

Stand out from the shadows

Where you once stood

Be strong enough to know

When you relate in the pyre

Everything turns to ash

If you let it burn in the Fire


Thus On with the Quest

What goes up must come down

Why don’t the astronauts in low orbit

Never see the world

Spin round and round?

What is the purpose?

What is the aim?

Why does NASA only use a fisheye lens?

Photoshop is just a game

Show me the curvature?

The proofs you provide I can falsify

And when I see clouds behind the sun

These are pictures and videos that do not lie

The moon is in tidal lock

And we never see it rotate

Yet every object in the sky is spherical

And so goes the debate

Gravity from a Free Mason

Yet he was an Alchemist on his behest

Why adopt just one?

Thus on with the quest

You may scorn and scoff

Scientism a religion at best

I continue to ask questions

You continue to blindly follow the rest


If you only knew

If you only knew

How my heart is open

If you only knew

To heal a heart that was broken

Maybe you can see

How to open your heart to me

I will show you and I will be

A loving and caring devotee

I’ve had to hold back

You’ve had to wonder why

Our paths have crossed

And so I clarify

I’m not like the others

I don’t defy your ambition

I seek only to court you

With your permission

The past is the past

We are now in transition

Follow your heart

For this is my submission


Isn’t it so, isn’t it so

Vendredi, Septembre 19, 1986

I remember that feeling

Its been captured again

Thought I never see that day

When I’d (pause) miss you my friend

It’s those pictures in the album where I escape to

Now and then

Have you felt a strong attraction

For that someone you don’t know

The kind of genuine feeling that you certainly couldn’t show

Think of all those reasons people who’d be surprised

Isn’t it so….isn’t it so


Dangerous Symptoms

Dimanche, Mars 23, 1986

Dangerous Symptoms

I remember when the young mind plays

Those who denied themselves the reality of it’s harm

Lay susceptible to the appellation: Fool

So alarmed can one be

By the descriptive adolescent’s charm

Induced pressure and anxiety

Huh – what is really different about the society – Post adolescent adult farm

The parallels of life

Often noticed and pointed outl

Can be seen in several different forms

And of those we should talk about

But we can’t escape the personality

Before we confront and inform our rights

Beyond this one must choose above inclination

And decide the questionable plight