WikiPsalm #Fifty Five

The poison of money

I’ve seen this first hand

Divide any loyalties

An addiction we misunderstand

This trade we make

Selling our soul to the highest bid

Doth not make us any happier

For any pro-quo quid

The love of mammon

The root of evil

Error of judgement

Pierced through with the many sorrows in upheaval

WikiPsalm #Fifty Five


WikiPsalm #Fifty Three

I focus on the present

I put the past behind me

I hope for the best of what will come

This makes it clearer to see

Make the “now” count

It is all I have to grasp and engage

I can’t change the past or predict the future

Attempting to do so will put my mind in a cage

Action only works in the present

No other time can we employ

This fundamental law of being

Can prevent our growth as we are seduced by this decoy

WikiPsalm #Fifty Three