My Heart found in You What it Sought

For an instance

I feel the resistance

But when we kissed

This passion was so insistent

In those moments

I held you in my arms

You showed me what you feel

With all of your charms

For the first time in my life

I know what it means

I find someone special

Actualized in my real life dreams

As time goes on the why’s dissipate

I treasure the embrace

Even our hesitations

Impart grace during this chase

Bésame Mucho

The first kiss can tell a lot

But when we faced each other

My heart found in you what it sought

The mind sometimes does not follow

What the heart craves

But sometimes through love

A healing we bring is what saves

I live in the now

I’m no longer in the past

I want you in my life

This is what I ask


A Part of Me Want’s You to See


I’m alive when you are close

A part of me want’s you to see

I follow no rules, and no social etiquette

Only a yearning heart that says be with me

Listen to your heart

And the feedback it will give

Put your heart next to mine

A beating heart will thrive and live

So I am here

Writing this poem unspoken

Calling out to the universe

Mend those hearts that are broken

Look no further

I am close, I am revealed

Ask your heart

Are you ready for it to be healed?







WikiPsalm #Nineteen

We make our way in the world

How many times will I go down this path?

Repeating my mistakes

How many times will I forgo the wrath?

Sometimes a learning occurs

When do I wake up?

When do I find out?

When something shakes me up?

Pay attention to what is around

The mind may go to sleep

We become collectors of injustice

And this is what we will keep

WikiPsalm #Nineteen




You Can Trust in your Heart

My heart is singing

When you are near

And when our eyes meet

A smile will appear

I can honestly say

You are very special

There is no one else

That makes me feel this way

I love getting to know you

It is your company I have much affection

And with every moment I spend time with you

I feel an interconnection

You can trust in your heart

Place it in my hand

I will nourish and protect it

Your heart I know with me will expand


Reflective is the Soul

We search the world

We often do not see what we need

What is right in front of us

Nourish the heart as it must feed

Distracted we run

Chasing the reinforcement we seek

Showing our weaknesses

Running with the meek

I’m finding my way

I sometimes have lost my vision

But I’m directed back to the path I call my own

In good association you can again make a good decision

In good company you can again ask what you truly want

Reflective is the soul that listens to their core

Centered and thoughtful

Just be careful what you ask for


Me llenas mi corazon con Alegria – You Fill my Heart with Joy

I pray to find the words

That comforts you inside

Knowing that you can trust me

Without having to hide

If I believe in you

And you believe in me

The only thing that matters

Is our shared opportunity

There are times in our lives

Our affection is misplaced

Not finding what is best for ourselves

Because we often act out of haste

So ask yourself these questions

Are they genuinely interested in me?

Are they looking out for my best interest?

Can they give of themselves freely?

You fill my heart with joy

So here I am thanking you

Tender is the soul

From the feelings that are true