This is what I Advocate

My education was everything

It defined who I am

Three classes short of two degrees

My employer and girlfriend really didn’t give a damn

All I wanted growing up

Was love to nourish me

A family that could not respond

Co-dependent parents incapable of hearing my plea

So I wandered

But a childhood comes back to visit

Gets in your head and dreams

Haunting and inexplicit

Self-reliance a razors edge

Give up on just one person

Your own path

Is destined to worsen

Because of these things

I have stumbled along

But I never gave up

My spirit is humbled yet strong

Dust off the past

A new day awaits

Awaken the moxie

This is what I advocate


No Matter How you Define Austere

Spent 35 years

Working for the man

Paid for an education and for the family

So I do what I can

The frustration with an employer

Politics and corruption at large

We stay on task

Despite our motives to discharge

Made some mistakes

And when I fell

I got back up

I did not say farewell

It’s not how many times you get knocked down

But only about the times you get back up

Cool hand Luke against Dragline

Never stayed down and never gave up

The fortitude of our endeavor

Tends to pay off after time well spent

Throughout our trials

And throughout our discontent

In the wake of our challenges

There is wisdom to persevere

Your faith will be tested

No matter how you define austere


WikiPsalm Sixty Eight

I remember days when I was excited

The venture into a new territory

A world of new discovery

A view of the exculpatory

The price of innocence

We make mistakes

You can’t undo but you can right the course

Our moral integrity makes these stakes

Naiveté is a misnomer

A purpose we learn with measure

If we pay attention

We behold the hidden treasure

WikiPsalm Sixty Eight





I wanted to think clearly

A time I was less confused

Some moments I see vividly

Whereas others I have excused

The trouble with my memory

I’m not sure if I have the right take

What were the predisposed factors?

What are the presumptions we make?

Fill in parts of what we know now

File away under a current change of view

How will I ever really know?

There is no one else to interview

Is it really worth the effort?

Will my reality be forever changed?

Will I become more self-aware?

Or will I always be estranged?

I try not to confabulate

I try to sift out erroneous thought

This is important for me

I try hard not to be lost


Another Empty Passage on a Blank Memoir Page

What happened to the way we talked?

When did we surrender an individual thought?

How many lines are we willing to cross?

Is this sacrifice worth the loss?

What is the evidence that supports your case?

Do you have knowledge in what you say?

Are you reachable in our conversation?

Or will you just disobey?

Intelligent discussion

Begins in whether we listen clearly

A breakdown in communication

If we do not hear sincerely

When we speak to hear ourselves talk

The message is lost on deaf ears

When we speak to our confession of truth

We move our spirits and move our tears

The things we seldom say

The conversations we need to engage

Often escape our attention

Another empty passage on a blank memoir page


My Indignation

Blinded by lust

Blinded by the misplaced trust

Blinded by my human frailty

I’ve awakened my disgust

Come to terms with my past

I shall not be so easily deceived

I struggle to move on

As I am still bereaved

My indignation

Not such a bad thing

I look to myself

What do I bring?

Cast away my mistakes

Learn from lessons I observe

Make my adjustments

It’s all about what I preserve?


I Need to Decompress

I need to decompress

The people who are around me

Some tend to absorb and feed

Yet I turn away and only want to see

These parasitic appetites

Begin to drain my energy

I have to get away

Free myself from this memory

Reduce the pressure

The atmosphere is thick

I cannot take it anymore

The candle burns from each end of the wick

Redirect this energy

I can’t really say

I’m under pressure

Please help me find my way

Sometimes we attract

An energy we can’t control

We find it hard to breathe

We have to find an air hole

Find some composure

Find some space

Cut this connection

Cut this interface

The burden is real

We must walk away

Return when you have refreshed

Decompressing from the day