The center of your attention

Why so dismissive?

The universe not so far away

The center of your attention

Pays homage, a part of the Frey

Have you ever met any resistance?

Have you ever reflected in doubt?

Have you ever considered your motives?

Has indignation ever made you shout?

It is not about the money

Or how we choose to spend

But only our time together

If indeed you are a friend


Haven’t posted anything in 147 days

Haven’t posted anything in 147 days

No poems written, not even a word

Problems with my eyes

In case you haven’t heard

I thought it’d be better

I thought it best

To give myself a break

And give myself a rest

Time to treat my vision

Clear my body and my mind

Find some Sanctuary of a Logan’s Run kind

If you concentrate on the superfluous

The venture is lost

Nothing to gain here

Just another venture in sloth

To peel back the veneer

The layers of onion skin will reveal

The development of what we conceal

Replete with our ego-ideal

J. Krishnamurti: think on these things

Learn “ How to think” not “ What to think”

Individual over the collective

Don’t lip-sync the hoodwink and doublethink


What would you embrace?

I’d rather see wonder

Than a bully on the street

I’d rather stand up to tyranny

Than to bow and kneel at their feet

How we choose

How we live

What we take

And what we give

We are agents of our decisions

In our mind/body vessel we navigate

How shall we proceed?

What shall be our fate?

What gives meaning to our values?

They are tested over time

When we have no answers

Where do we turn for a sign?

Ask an elderly person in hospice

Ask a cancer patient in stage four

What would you have done differently?

What would you have payed attention to more?

When we face our mortality

The men of God

The men of war

What would you embrace?

What would you deplore?


Not unlike a Salvador Dali

Ask any Olympic athelete

They compete against their personal best

Seeking conquest of there own achievements

Done on their own behest

In our conquest of our own ethical behavior

Countless factors make up this equation

The wisdom in aggregate from past encounters

May often help us on occasion

The problem with self- improvement

The reflection in the mirror is tainted

Not unlike a Salvador Dali

The surreal reality that is painted

It takes skill and clear perspective

To acquire moral character

If blessed with a loving upbringing

You benefit as a blessed inheritor

Some will never ask the questions

Some will never answer the call

Treading water in the pool of humanity

The vast majority will sink in the squall


Care to make a wager?

Care to make a wager?

Anyway the wind blows

With no ties to the ground

That where your destiny goes

If you do something wrong

You can make it right

Better to be honest with yourself

Don’t give up the fight

Just when you think you are close

So close to reaching a goal

Life throws a curve ball

An unexpected variable takes its toll

Catalyst of change…self-indignation

Finding a better way

Learning a new method

Sick of having the same old day

We are creatures of habit

Problems in our conditioning are evidential

An alchemy in our behavior

That is truly consequential


It is only I who must live in my skin

So many people

Go along to get along

Do they understand the implication?

Do they have a sense of wrong?

The social dynamic

Dead poets society

The boys walking in a circle

The axiom of propriety

If you are raised by the morally impoverished

And you see this first hand

You may question the world around you

To help you understand

Not all searches

Will provide the answers you seek

Yet only the prudent

Will provide the best critique

The complexities of human relationships

One ethic may not fit all

Only the deepest thinkers

Are likely to make this call

My individual journey

Is a personal relationship within

Tested relentlessly throughput my life

It is only I who must live in my skin


The many ways we lie

Confabulation, miscalculation

In deceit we deceive

In the confidence man’s scheme

If gullible we believe

Distraction, retraction, hyperbole, guile

Dishonesty, distortion, evasion in exile

Falsehood, fiction, falsify, fib

Fraudulence, forgery, fabrication, fake

Just how many lies in this life will we make?

The many ways we lie

Countless exchanges

How many of us?

Should make some changes?


We are agents of our destiny

Dealing with adversity

We have to play our hand

When do we fold?

When will we make a stand?

The development of our character

Is not readily given

It is forged through our trials

And for those who do not readily give in

Most parents want what is best for their children

Just how will they prepare?

What behaviors will they model?

Which stories will they share?

For events we cannot control

It may be time for a prayer

I’ve never loved anything more deeply

Than my children who are all now grown

I can only pray they remain safe

As I reach out now over the telephone

We are agents of our destiny

Do we manifest what is returned?

And if this is true

Than what have we earned?


Fulfillment in life is conditional

Finding a meaningful purpose

A journey of discovery in every stride

Some never look to reveal

Some are distracted by their pride

The “I” is an illusion

If you use the eye to see

You must go beyond the ego

Escape the self under your own Bodhi tree

Fulfillment in life is conditional

Most set out to advance a personal pursuit

Sometimes it doesn’t come at all

Most would agree that with happiness there is no substitute

One must walk a razor’s edge

The Individual rights and that of the State

The balance of power forever debated

The individual protection is a checkmate

Yet when it comes to purpose

One must rise above one’s self

If you glance at a book in the library

Please put it back on the shelf