The Truth serum I have now taken

I see through the lens of a victim

I seldom take any responsibility

The truth serum I have now taken

Will last as long as I apply the scrutiny

I see through the lens of my arrogance

I put myself above any objectivity

I dispense with critical thinking

As this is what I can only see

I see through the lens of my ignorance

I have not fully investigated the facts

I cannot reach any definitive conclusion

I am limited to my own mental acts

I see through the lens of my maturity

I wander about in my limited view

If I make sense out of only these predicates

Without any experience what am I to do?


When do we find out that we’re in too deep?

Where do the water fowl go when they lay down to sleep?

What does a man do when he can’t earn his keep?

How does a mother act when she hears her child weep?

When do we find out that we’re in too deep?

The answers to the questions

We ask in our reflection

Are contingent on our ability

To do the proper inspection

Ask the right questions

Answer them best you can

Stop trying to be

Your own confidence man


The Original Sin

The thought that we should change the world

Is deeply embedded within those who purport this idea

The problem is that given human nature

Many of us have amnesia

The utopian society can never be fully achieved

The subtleties of our conditionality

Are often miscalculated

As predicted by our irrationality

Promises to the people

Only said to empower the ruling class

Many of them enrich themselves

Leaving us to watch them trespass

The problem lies within those who challenge

The religious moral teachings

Nobody gets even close to the Confucian, The Buddha, or The Christ

Let alone the others

And their beloved preachings

When men place themselves above

Herein the troubles begin

As told in Genesis

The original sin

Much is explained

When you look through this lens

Despite how you interpret

And the threat of the biblical cleanse





The Democrats’ Hydra

Common sense is not so common

Western culture is under attack and on the decline

The Fabians have infiltrated

A global initiative for all of mankind

Some pay attention

Many do not

A hidden unelected government

Usurping the Liberty we almost have forgot

The paper trail makes it evident

If you look deep enough within

The devil is in the details

Start with Ukraine to begin

Glen Beck was right about the corruption

The party’s Hydra is vast

Intervening all around the world

Policy that the Department of State and the bureaucrats craft

Evidence is now collected

But what will this become?

We must all demand a reckoning

We must stop what has begun


Glen Becks the Democrats’ Hydra

The Superior Man

If you look for the bad in people

You will surely find it

Best to look for the good

And then get behind it

Blessings pass through

The mutual values we possess

The benefactor’s proxy

To those whom have expressed

Trust may beget trust

But wisdom you must employ

To invest in the prudent is worthy

To invest in the foolish can destroy

Pay it forward

The golden rule

To give of yourself

Is maybe the crown jewel

Replenish your soul

Through the path of wisdom-or the path of good deeds

The superior man shares in this relationship

Despite any of his needs


If we Consume What is Dark

I have to quiet my soul

When resentment is in my heart

I have to replenish it with good thoughts

Like the beginning of a new day giving us a new start

When you feel tread upon

There is good reason to forgive

You allow your heart to remove the remorse

You become no longer combative

If we consume what is dark

We align ourselves in part

To disruptive emotions

We rarely outsmart


A Dark Cloud Looms Over

A house on the corner

When we reside in the house of shame

Our memories are not forgotten

Will they always linger and remain?

When we reside in the house of ignorance and petulance

Shell shock and PTSD

Does it become the norm

On from the age of three?

And in the house of anger

There is no love shown

A special place in hell

For those who have not grown

A dark cloud looms over

The house of misery

Destroying lives for generations

Perpetuating dysfunction within the family