How many pass the litmus?

Joel was rebuked in his echo chamber

Some ideas should have push back

An argument tested and tempered in debate

May shed more light under attack

It is up to the person

To learn from the account

The argument must follow the facts

This axiom is tantamount

To excise a moral tax

If you revel in the camp

The mob mentality of majority rule

Falling into an intellectual cesspool

How many of us can face the mirror?

How many of us self-reflect?

How many pass the litmus?

How many just deflect?


On this Road Alone I will Tread

Where do you turn?

With your back against the wall

If you rely on your history

Again you will surely fall

It’s a bad habit

Not to pay attention to the rule

No other result can occur, but

Appellation fool!

Give me inspiration

I pray a path I find

Right the wrongs that have forsaken me

I must forgive and leave it behind

The moral imperative before me

I must alone make the decision ahead

May I have the courage to make a way

On this road alone I will tread


Without any Purpose

Without any purpose

Without family, children, and a wife

Without God

There is no meaning in my life

There is no substitute

For these things that I say

J.P. Sartre, Soren Kierkegaard, and Albert Camus

All have yet to persuade me as I will not stray

The older I get

The more I see

To humble myself

Under the bodhi tree

A vessel must be empty

Before it can be filled

Broken down and beguiled

Now ready to rebuild

Solomon was a pragmatist

His wisdom was renowned

His rulings were just

His rulings would astound

This is not an existential rant

This is not a misplaced soliloquy

This is just a story

This is just my testimony



Troubles got you down

It’s time to invest

Elevate your thoughts

Time to manifest

If you’re feeling blue

Time to shake the pest

It’s up to you


Especially on an uphill fight

There is no time to rest

Better to compose yourself

Take time to manifest

So if and when

Times get tough

If indeed

You’re impelled to say “Enough”

We must learn discipline

When we confront our concerns

No matter how much it hurts

No matter how much it burns

Think not about the worry

Think not about the strife

Focus on the positive

To create a better life

It won’t be easy

You’ll have work to do

You can negotiate a better destiny

Just between me and you

You may not believe me

What works for me may not work for you

You’ll only know if you resolve to practice

You’ll only know if you resolve to do


A hard road ahead you will find

If you follow your heart

You must also employ the mind

Unbridled passion, and unbridled reason alone

A hard road ahead you will find

Issues of our childhood education

Does not result from a book

Rather it is the unlearning

Of that which diminishes our outlook

Challenges within a family

Run deep within our persona

Not an impossible impediment

Just go ask Jonah

Our greatest treasure

Lies within our personal connections

How we treat others

Given our predominant affections


The man in search of a conspiracy

Paranoid schizophrenic?

Or a damaged sense of trust?

When he starts asking questions

He says that the truth is his lust

Sometimes his questions are valid

Sometimes they are in vain

The difference between a skeptic and a madman

One chooses to prove or falsify, and the other chooses to merely refrain

Be selective of your intellectual battles

Do not let your reason be improperly swayed

Use multiple sources in research

Before you start on your imprudent crusade

You must live with your findings

You must be able to support your claim

You are the one responsible

For what is the purpose of your aim?

It is unlikely you will change the world

But you are likely to change your view

Be careful of what you accept

Be mindful of what you think is true


The Purity Tests We Make

Please forgive me

And my sensitivity

It’s just the existential John-Boy Walton

That seems to live within me

It’s a hard thing to pass

The purity tests we make

There is always one that escapes me

The one that I fail to take

The discipline that shapes me

Is applied with autonomous resolution

But I am never assured

Of any universal solution

And so I do my best

To act with a semblance of wisdom

That I continue to seek

With optimistic determinism

We must all evaluate

The road that is ahead

The rules that we navigate

Must align us with how we tread