The Emergence of the Global Empire



We now live in a world that has become much, much smaller than in times before present day.  Technology has dramatically changed, and the social engineering bee’s have been secretly at work using their sophist influences on the political systems around the world.  Unfortunately the Draconian measures to deal with people has not left us and is profoundly influencing many of our political systems.  Media sources have been corrupted, corporations have been corrupted, social institutions and politicians have been corrupted therefore influencing legislative law-makers who in turn have been corrupted, ad infinitum.  Most people do not want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Much distraction is in hefty supply, much disinformation of convoluted materials dissuade the equations in social commentary, and preparations for the future under the guise of benign agendas are being forged behind the scrutiny of the public, thus executing very discreet contexts squeezing out any dissension that may come when people wake up to the betrayal of their own governments.

I am but a simple man, facing the enormity of a world in the grips of an influence that often takes many of us down to its levels when we feel compelled to comply with the principle-less fools who live by a different set of rules.  Belief in yourself is a crucial factor to create a social net of resistance to those who partake in these fictions interjected into our lives like a virus by the controlling factions that oversee the powerless.

Holding up your head at a time of conflict and rejecting the current status quo will result in several possibly different scenarios as our history has decreed time and time again depending on the political environment, agendas of those in power, and country or continent.  One scenario may imprison you, (in body, or mind, or both), or one that may free you, (of persecution, of dependence, or of your life in your death), or lastly,  one that will enslave you if you concede your mind to these political tales of malfeasance but allowed to continue as you normally have known it to be, (allowed to go about your everyday life but with permission).

More and more talk lately about American civil liberties we fought for being eroded by the a secret elite who are not only above the law, but more precisely own the laws and dictate which laws they will follow, and which ones they choose not to follow.  Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, Climate Change AKA Global Warming, Green taxes, Chem-trails and the fluoridation of 66% of American water works, Executive Orders allowing secret experimentation on humans in civil and military contexts, the suppression of Health Care via undisclosed cures for many aliments by FDA influences and the money made on the sick, by the peddlers from Big-Pharma drug companies and Health Care Associations continues to dominate and perpetuate given ‘Carte Blanche’ treatment  over the citizens of the world.  The use of the media sources to control public opinion, the militarization of the police, the empowerment of the United Nations for global disputes has been on the rise in this century.

You can easily see the world if you do not wear the blinders of your masters.  If you do not take for granted what has been fought for, and do not accept the proposals of the governing body, and if we connect with others that have the same perspectives, than a chance to keep the immoral forces upon us at a distance is strengthened.

To some this may sound like a science fiction tale, but to others it is fact that will largely determine our lives.  The evidence for these statements lies in our demonstration of this dynamic in our human history, thus that we are indeed human given all of our frailties.  We have seen many times in our history that atrocities perpetrated have conquered the less prepared, that those in power have used their will to subdue others age after age in history and it is foolish to believe that we have evolved from that level of thinking over the very short time of the human history we know of.  What has evolved is how this enslavement is being undertaken by those who wish to dominate us.

One professor has this take on our history and teaches this in his course.

About 2 million years ago our human ancestors were insignificant animals living in a corner of Africa.  Their impact on the world was no greater than that of gorillas, zebras, or chickens. Today humans are spread all over the world, and they are the most important animal around. The very future of life on Earth depends on the ideas and behavior of our species.

This course will explain how we humans have conquered planet Earth, and how we have changed our environment, our societies, and our own bodies and minds. The aim of the course is to give students a brief but complete overview of history, from the Stone Age to the age of capitalism and genetic engineering. The course invites us to question the basic narratives of our world. Its conclusions are enlightening and at times provocative. For example:

·         We rule the world because we are the only animal that can believe in things that exist purely in our own imagination, such as gods, states, money and human rights.

·         Humans are ecological serial killers – even with stone-age tools, our ancestors wiped out half the planet’s large terrestrial mammals well before the advent of agriculture.

·         The Agricultural Revolution was history’s biggest fraud – wheat domesticated Sapiens rather than the other way around.

·         Money is the most universal and pluralistic system of mutual trust ever devised. Money is the only thing everyone trusts.

·         Empire is the most successful political system humans have invented, and our present era of anti-imperial sentiment is probably a short-lived aberration.

·         Capitalism is a religion rather than just an economic theory – and it is the most successful religion to date.

·         The treatment of animals in modern agriculture may turn out to be the worst crime in history.

·         We are far more powerful than our ancestors, but we aren’t much happier.

·         Humans will soon disappear. With the help of novel technologies, within a few centuries or even decades, Humans will upgrade themselves into completely different beings, enjoying godlike qualities and abilities.  History began when humans invented gods – and will end when humans become gods.

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