Compass for the Soul

Resolution and conviction make good friends when you have bumps in the road along the path you are taking. The most wondrous cases are when you realize you are making strides despite the obstacles you face along the way. It fuels your determination and conviction which helps guide you through the resistance you meet. I could say that one of the most gratifying feelings is achieving a goal despite the naysayers and even our own self-doubts.

One can find many instances for this type of feeling in the professional realm, within the organizations we work for or, namely, our employers. What is most frustrating for the advancing candidates is not the recognition for the talent they bring to the table, but the questionable political decisions that are rendered and their ramifications from the powers that be when others are selected for competing positions. In thinking further about this dynamic, one can also see the social implications as well. Most of us have many stories to draw upon when looking at our social networks growing up.

Looking back on my life I have probably had more opportunities than I would first assess and appreciate, but I also know that I had to struggle to find my vision of how I would live my life. My childhood forced me to look inside myself, because when my gaze was turned out I did not find the answers I continued to ask myself about this life and our treatment of each other. There are many things in life that we cannot control, such as the families we are born into, or the mindset and dispositions of people we grow up with and have to negotiate our place with them. We must therefore decide on how we should mediate our lives given the internal/external conflicts that occur in everyday life. Resistance is a fundamental element that cannot be totally negated or else we would find ourselves in denial or in an escapism realm of being.

There were only a handful of people who I looked up to and in turn was influenced by their teachings that would greatly change my outlook and world view in life and I met them while attending Grossmont College, and then San Diego State University. What is interesting though is the quiet disposition I sustained while in my youth. My learning to stay reserved and not furnish my public evaluation until it was completely thought out comes to benefit me despite the painstaking grief that kept me silent in the first place. The fear to speak your mind, due to the criticisms of an oppressive father would turn out to be a cross I had to bare and be one of my own bumpy roads I had to traverse and overcome.

I’m not sure just what forces were at play when they guided my soul though the tough times in my life. When I look back and see the possible decisions that could have taken me down a treacherous road and think how did I navigate safely through those stormy waters? If you consider all the resources available such as good friends, good coping skills, educational benefits, and contrast them to the lack of resources one may have at the time, I am astonished at the fortunate outcome I take residence in. How was I able to steer such troubles without sustaining any major trauma’s that life can throw at you? Can there be an argument for Guardian Angels, Luck, or Karma somewhere in our stories? In my life I have found some questions that I truly cannot answer. It is beyond my comprehension because of my understanding of the way the universe works. The soul’s compass can be guided from many sources. I have much work to do in determining the course of my life. Much to see, and much to do, much to ponder, and much to give. Life is precious, and every moment should be revered during our time on this earth.

My only choice is to accept graciously my benefactors decisions whatever or whomever they may be. I must be thankful to these unknown architects of my allowances. As for my known advocates, I thank my friends who were there for me, I thank the universe for providing to me what I needed to be equipped with.

One thought on “Compass for the Soul

  1. Very good post Dean. Much to think about. I too have wrestled with the fear of speaking my mind. And digging into questions that seemingly have no answer is something I have struggled with of late. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences my friend. I look forward to your next post. Be well.