All Roads Lead To Where You Are

…My journey in this world so far has led me to this road
I didn’t think I’d meet someone
that would lead me to a place that feels like home
I’ve wandered around not finding myself
in this world I’ve battled my fears
and I’ve lived long enough to know that you must be there for those you hold dear
I look upon your face and feel as I look into your eyes
the more I look the more I see
it takes me by surprise
knowing you a month or two makes me stop and realize
that when you find someone who makes you feel
so awake and so alive
so, don’t let them go
cuz now you know
just what you recognize…


The beauty and rarity of the world sometimes strikes us at times when we least expect it.  It is certain that when we are receptive to what we can attend to, it will most likely make itself known to us.  So often we choose to look in the wrong direction and miss what life has to offer us.  So often we choose to miss what is right in front of us, not necessarily what we want, but rather what we may truly need.  Happiness is something we do choose.  Happiness is attainable and sustainable and we sometimes must reach outside our own self driven desires to completely fulfill these ambitions.

The journey of the self can take us on many roads.  The road least traveled seems to begin when we have not found what we think we would find on those previously ventured paths.  All roads lead to where you are metaphorically and literally is something that cannot be denied.  Perhaps there is something to be said about the Forrest Gump notion of Destiny; a destiny inclusive of when we float around kinda like the feather on the wind and also one that includes a destiny that we are predestined to take.  ….Forrest says….”I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floatin’ around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it’s both.”  The feather seems to point to an accidental kind of life, but it always shows up at just the right time, so maybe destiny brought it there.  Somehow they are intermingled and we find ourselves in this world on a path that includes both accounts.  Throughout the film, the motifs of a feather and birds are used to promote the message. The feather seen both at the beginning and the end of the film has a clear purpose. The feather simply floats about on the breeze, no direct route and no known destination. This feather represents the journey to destiny, free and random. Similarly, birds also ride upon the wind, but do so with more choice. They are still free and, though it may seem less so, just as random. Whatever choices are made leads ever on towards destiny.

Fate – the uncontrollable events that make each of us what we are.  But the Forrest Gump film’s emphasis is not on fate itself, but on our responses to what fate deals us. While we can’t decide what happens to us, we each have important choices to make in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

If one were to acquaint to this kind of reasoning about destiny, then one can establish that people who “float around accidental-like” and drift into our lives when we least expect it is a probability that cannot be refuted.   The circumstances of how we connect to others may sometimes tell us part of the story, but it also begs the question about the depth and quality of that connection.  This is something we all must work out for ourselves when we speak of those close to us.

Those that impact our lives on deeper levels mean more to us than most of the people we will encounter.  They impact us depending on our receptivity to them.  If by association from the media when we read about others who capture our attention, or be it those that we admire from a particular vantage point such as on a professional level or maybe on a personal level that responds to their artistic and creative productions that somehow personally speak to us; we have allowed them to enter our inner processes.  We are affected by those who touch us in ways that others cannot.

It is as if we are tuned to particular incoming intuitions that reach us and activates or stirs something within us before we truly take notice.  Those who incite us, who awaken us on levels that we have forgotten, ignored or possibly never experienced before, bestow us with experiences which renews and transforms us.

With relationships of course the question will arise if the people we connect with are good for us?  A topic for many that have found out that they have chosen poorly.  Risk is essential but it should have some intelligent thought placed within the equation.  We are creatures that can be moved by others on different levels.  The timing of events in our lives is a most curious thing.   An alignment with the positive elements in the universe can bring to us like-attracting elements we face in the world whether we realize it or not.  The converse is also true.  Yes we may stumble and tumble along the way, but if our compass be true, we will find a way.

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