Consciousness and Lucid Nightmares

I woke up from a bad dream again today.  Dreams when we are in fear of something cannot be a good thing if they continue to divert your energies.  I used to have childhood dreams (sometimes recurring) that placed me on an endless steep hill that continued to steepen as I walked upon it trying to reach the top, or when I was trying to run away from some hideous creature, my feet would melt into the ground and my legs would become immobile in my frantic attempt to free myself from the monstrous pursuer.    Funny how the factor that was in my power became shorted, or the attribute that would give me an advantage from my dream-state adversary would be progressively disabled as the dream turned into a nightmare.  The mind can be very powerful as well when you can feel your body undergo the physical states in your dreams such as falling (lucid dreaming).

Why could I not incorporate having superhuman powers in these events to come to my aid and vanquish my nocturnal foes?  I am capable of guiding my dreams, especially the good ones, where I am in a world of my creation, a world such as having a water filled environment with multiple ways of travel through my water filled city.  I love to swim, so I think in my childhood I would have dreams that reflected some of my joys.  Imagine a city like water park that had rivers of water take you where-ever you wanted to go.  I also remember dreams of flying, very lucid and I was able to have good control over the path of my flight.  I know at times I must have used this technique when I was semi aware of my dream states, but alas, I have not mastered this and still to this day sometimes fuse my reality to the dream I am experiencing.  These fears may be tied to something from a time in the past.  An earlier struggle with forces which at the time may have overpowered me on some level.  When the mind continues to play out old themes, and puts the body under duress during a time when you should be rested and most relaxed is a troubling notion.  Clearly something continues to gnaw at my memories.

Understanding the reasons behind the dreams, behind the self lies a depth that is difficult to penetrate.  For what ever torment I may discover, I will find a way to overcome those earlier injuries.  I will face them and defeat those fears.  I know that they often result in my subconscious acting out on earlier learned programming from my childhood and it continues to surface from time to time.  Understanding why these dreams sometimes happen, and investigating how one can achieve better sleep states I ventured to study deeper into how our conscious states can hold us captive, from earlier learned states in our childhood if we let them continue to operate subconsciously, even in our sleep.  From disciplines like developmental, cognitive, analytic, comparative and cultural psychology we learn that the first 6 years of life are extremely important in shaping our consciousness and conscious habits.  The training of our minds on how we approach the world is largely impacted in these years and embeds the programming of our consciousness.  Also Enneagram theory provides us with some examples of ancient teachings supporting these findings.

We learn from the ancient mystics, as well as those who study Quantum Mechanics, that there is a connection between the disciplines.  A theme that shares both realms is the idea that frequency, resonance, and consciousness are all interconnected.  Matter is only subject to sensory perceptions, and the farther you travel down the path of physics in the quantum level, you ultimately find that there a fewer and fewer particles, and more and more space.  This is the reason why Newtonian mechanics (gravity) fails to work at quantum levels.  The forces I speak about are hard to imagine, but the evidence is building to support such claims about frequency or wave mechanics.

Understanding that we have the power to change our subconscious mechanisms and habitual thought patterns is the first step in reforming our conscious routines.  Training on such a level is possible, but is difficult to do.  Techniques can be found in the literature such as Zen Buddhist or Taoist teachings that breaks the mind from previous habits.  If one looks at the wave patterns created by fear; they tend to have low sine wave forms.  If one looks at the wave pattern created by love; they tend to have a very high sine wave form.

DNA and sine waves

It’s sometimes hard to understand why I shift to these nightmares of my creation.  The dreams are so real that I often awake in the middle of the night in a cold sweet and the sound of my voice uttering a plea like shout.  I then try to analyze just what my dream was about, looking at the circumstances and again wondering why I was not quite able to change some of the attributes that I have been able to do so before.  It’s interesting that our childhood nightmares are embedded into a perennial conscious memory of the event.  There are details that we can remember about our worst nightmares, but conversely we cannot recall other personal information about our experiences that quite frankly should be more important to us.

I want to face these nocturnal demons of my consciousness, but to do so I must meet them in my dreams.  They do not often come to me in everyday life during my conscious wakefulness.  They come to me as cowards in my dreams, when my defenses are often subdued and ill-prepared to confront them head on.  I have tried, on occasion, but I have found I need to train more to overcome their presence.   I am looking forward to the day I subdue them.  A good night’s sleep is enjoyable and should not be wasted on bad dreams that are avoidable,  and controllable.  I’d like to have my lucid dreams concentrate on more meaningful ideas.

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