Why do you dismiss what you don’t understand?

The way you approach the world

It’s clear you have no respect

What you fail to investigate

Promulgates the ignorance on why you reject

A view through the lens of Marxist ideology

A world of chaos is what you see

In the arrogance of political dogma

You egregiously make your pleas

What is most disconcerting

You imitate what you hate

Though you do not recognize this

The irony of your fate

So much easier to lecture others

Adopting the indoctrination you accept as true

So little did you think about the implications

The reality that you live in and view

“If I were a tiger

I’d bite peoples’ heads off”

You told me this as a child

But now you just scoff

So easy to jump to conclusions

Faulty logic is close at hand

For someone who holds themself in high regard

I hold this behavior in remand

Why do you dismiss

What you don’t understand?

Chalk it up to your influences

Utopian as wonderland


The Mad Hatter of Epistemology

The human mind seeks to understand

In the mutable world there is no absolute

And so this begs the question

Why so resolute?

Our cognition is limited

As we strive to reach out

Not really knowing how to get there

Always so full of doubt

The inquiries into the metaphysical

The basic questions left to man

We will never really solve them

Yet we always think we can

The mystic, the philosopher, the shaman, The priest

All looking for answers

All looking for peace

Some turn to religion

Others turn to science and psychology

But still the rabbit hole goes deeper

The mad hatter of epistemology