Is it a premonition of a deja-vu?

Beautiful summer day

Dark cloudy skies above

The rain pours down on me

Clothes on my body now fit like a glove

The wonder of childhood

Never ceases to amaze

Enjoyment of these times

Enjoyment of these days

I still remember the warmth

I still remember that rain

Wearing my red flannel- lined jean pants

Pretending that I’m riding on Jim West’s Wild Wild West train

As an adult I would not be so amused

Standing outside in the rain

So what has changed?

Why do I wear this ball and chain?

Is it a loss of innocence?

A certain state of mind?

Have I become jaded?

With the passage of time?

Father Time can you please tell me?

Is it a premonition of a deja-vu?

What other changes will come?

What other changes are due?


The solution of humanity

I’ve thought quite a lot about myself

And the path I am on

The struggles I manage

When will this ugly duckling become a swan?

I’ve studied human behavior

And the history of philosophy

Influenced by the world religions

Looking for a perfecting ideology

I look for solace

To ease my mind

When thinking too much

On things of the troubling kind

There is strength in your weakness

Knowing sometimes you must bend

Like a reed in the wind

Or when we make amends

The problem of wisdom

We do not practice what we preach

Sometimes it is not in our grasp

And outside our reach

The power of forgiveness

The solution of humanity

A way to spare ourselves

And a way to keep our sanity


Awkward moments

Awkward moments

When you are young

What our parents could not teach us

As we engage them one by one

The growing pains of youth

There is maturation in every age

We are most awkward

If we box ourselves into a cage

Not having the confidence

In how we act or what we say

Our behavior will be tested in real time

Through this embarrassment we may find another way

I’d like to think I’ve learned lessons

Watching my friends at play

So if you observe closely

You just might learn something everyday

Do not punish yourself

When you look back upon a miscalculation

We all have to endure

Our self arbitration


Fake blue twitter checkmarks

Fake blue twitter checkmarks

How do you spell fraud?

Manipulate the public trust

Propaganda deep and broad

Corruption has infiltrated

County, State, and Fed

So many institutions

The criminal cabal has spread

We The People are awakened

The patriots reject their plan

The Constitution is a binding contract

It tells the politician what they cannot do and tells us what we can

A healthy republic

Must have debate

Choose your representatives carefully

They determine much of our fate

The archetypes of evil

In every culture tries to steal

Negotiating for power

To make the deal


Don’t tell me what to think

What do you do?

When your poetry gets stale?

Change it up?

Lift the veil?

I write about the good

I write about the bad

Hopefully on different levels

Not to make anyone mad

I write what I think

I write what I feel

And if I am hurting

I write on the process to heal

Maybe shriek was right

Better out than in

In the psychological sense

It just may be a win

Ideas tested in the digital thunderdome

Escaping the bots of Twitter, Facebook, or other social Apps

Suppression of free speech

Watch how Elon set his traps

Expression is important in any society

Freedom of ideas shall not be infringed

Don’t tell me what to think

This Communist manifesto tactic makes me cringe


Post realization lament

Why must we torture ourselves?

With guilt and shame?

The miracle of forgiveness

It is our upadana that we must tame

We can bond to our appetites

Or any maladaptive behavior

Be mindful of this truth

Or be mindful of your savior

We have the ability to overcome this suffering

Yet we fail to correctly act

Part of the human condition

Part of a natural fact

We are creatures of habit

Most people operate on the limbic system and react

It’s the higher neo-cortex

We must keep intact

Ancient wisdom or modern psychology

Where do you place your trust?

Which sources are accurate?

Which sources are just?


Make good on promises to yourself

Make good on promises to yourself

Before you make them to others

If you want perspective

Ask the children of addicted mothers

Even the most privileged

Will fail to learn many life lessons

If they Bury themselves

In the trinkets of their possessions

Many do not have a clear path

On the road of their Intentions

They do not observe the warning sign-posts

That are in contravention


Philosopher’s word salad

“what” asks to identify

“Who” asks for a name

“When” asks for a time

“How” asks to explain

“Where” asks for a location

Some will say to ask “Why” is insane

Who, what, when, where, why and how?

They all are to blame

Wittgenstein had thoughts of pictures

To communicate this is what we do

Language is an abstract association

Symbolic objects the currency we convey to “view”

Plato called upon the forms

Aristotle first causes and the study of being

The Greek Metaphysician

Inspiring the contemporary Ontology scene

Funny that asking questions

Produce more questions that will confuse

The nature of reality

The words that we use and construe

Philosopher’s word salad

Both east and west takes on true

You cannot name the “Tao”

The cosmological stew


Usually rendered by taking the red pill

Freshly cut lawn

Beautiful warm day

The fragrance of grass and hibiscus

The olfactory senses of May

I bask in the light with the butterflys

Feeling the breeze on my skin

The visual beauty is astonishing

A treasure of the soul within

Hunger will enhance our taste

Water will quench our thirst

The spiritual offerings from a loved one

May calm us at our worst

Whether it be an empirical tendency

Or a rationalist will

The balance in the musings of the human condition

Usually rendered by taking the red pill


Crimes against humanity

Embedded partisan bureaucrats

Some will call the deep state

Unelected bodies

Determining the peoples fate

When you shine the light on these cockroaches

That have infiltrated us deep and wide

The executive, the legislative, and the judicial

The world will eventually see what they want to hide

2000 mules

The southern border and the Great Reset

The green new deal

The fall of the fiat currency with unsustainable debt

America was hijacked

We the people the patriots now take control

The Communist and Globalist plandemic

The Ukrainian biolab casserole

Crimes against humanity

Taiwanese bio labs may be next

Devolution now in place

Just read the presidential PED text