Is it a premonition of a deja-vu?

Beautiful summer day

Dark cloudy skies above

The rain pours down on me

Clothes on my body now fit like a glove

The wonder of childhood

Never ceases to amaze

Enjoyment of these times

Enjoyment of these days

I still remember the warmth

I still remember that rain

Wearing my red flannel- lined jean pants

Pretending that I’m riding on Jim West’s Wild Wild West train

As an adult I would not be so amused

Standing outside in the rain

So what has changed?

Why do I wear this ball and chain?

Is it a loss of innocence?

A certain state of mind?

Have I become jaded?

With the passage of time?

Father Time can you please tell me?

Is it a premonition of a deja-vu?

What other changes will come?

What other changes are due?