Philosopher’s word salad

“what” asks to identify

“Who” asks for a name

“When” asks for a time

“How” asks to explain

“Where” asks for a location

Some will say to ask “Why” is insane

Who, what, when, where, why and how?

They all are to blame

Wittgenstein had thoughts of pictures

To communicate this is what we do

Language is an abstract association

Symbolic objects the currency we convey to “view”

Plato called upon the forms

Aristotle first causes and the study of being

The Greek Metaphysician

Inspiring the contemporary Ontology scene

Funny that asking questions

Produce more questions that will confuse

The nature of reality

The words that we use and construe

Philosopher’s word salad

Both east and west takes on true

You cannot name the “Tao”

The cosmological stew