Opportunity is not hard to find

Send me an angel

I need some help to look over me

I’m weary and I’ve lost my way

I seek liberation lord set me free

My attachment is my bondage

My mind both troubled and conflicted

This might explain why

My better senses are evicted

This battle goes on inside me

Opposing forces will collide

Which force will I follow?

Which force will I hide?

The reason for a prayer

I just don’t have it all figured out

And even if I think I did

Am I certain I am free from any doubt?

I sometimes ask of the world

To give me a ray of hope

Opportunity is not hard to find

If I simply narrow my scope


When the adults play make believe

The world is much harder on you

When the adults play make believe

The difference between children and adults

The children are less likely to be deceived

Most children have a better grasp on reality

They know what is real

They know what is fake

If you can distort reality to fit how you identify

Then who is making a mistake?

When children play

They knowingly pretend

The problem with adults

They submit as to not offend

The subversion of culture

Has long been under attack

The Marxist ideology

Has destroyed every country they have high jacked

The Socialist utopian fantasy

Is sold to us in a dream

Not unlike the secular Santa Claus

That no one has ever seen


The curious mind turns inward

This can get complicated

In case study after case study I find

The intellectual and the emotional

In the aggregate are not well defined

That is to say

Cognitive ability

Does not ensure

Emotional stability

Though the two are entangled

Beyond most peoples awareness

Easier to see in others

Because this does not usually scare us

Are we so keen?

As to diagnose another?

Or is this just a pretense?

To place yourself above your brother?

The curious mind turns inward

Attempt to use introspection as a tool

But only the best of us

Will not become the fool

Self discovery is vital

For every human being

But it usually takes others

To guide through the unforeseen


Fiction is fiction

Because we can name something

It does not make it de facto reality

So much is already debated

Especially our objectivity

Kant said A Priori

In critique of pure reason

For the absolute empiricist

This would be high treason

Fiction is fiction

No matter how you translate

There are limits to the imangineer

Just how do they speculate?

Pixie dust and fairy tales

Witchcraft and wolves bane

Alchemy and the philosophers stone

How much longer will they remain?

Today some will argue what is a woman?

And that men can have an abortion

Only one generation removed

From psychotic distortion

The problem is not

How many believe?

In twelve angry men

Who were the ones deceived?

Wittgenstein noted

We play language games

We create these problems

Simply by using these names

Many become confused

About the world that they see

How can they be satisfied?

How can they be freed?


I say this all with sincerity

A narcissist with an inferiority complex

It is a horrific thing being in between

A non-empathetic father

With a low self-esteem

Any one who grew up in this family

I share your pain

I’ve spent the better part of five decades

Searching for answers to keep me sane

Don’t get me wrong

I’ve had a good life

But nobody should have to endure

Such an existential strife

Sometimes I’m haunted by my dreams

But I do not claim to be a victim

I’ve educated myself

And this is my dictum

Make good memories

To replace the ones that harm

Over time these new ones

Will be a healing charm

Maybe this is a poem

Maybe this is my therapy

Maybe this will help others

I say this all with sincerity


Better to look for the good in people

Eat for function

Not for taste

Live with passion

Do not disgrace

Better to look for the good in people

Than to look for and see the bad

If this has happened to you

Did you wish the other observer had?

China changed their culture

By adopting a Confucian ideology

It was a transforming pragmatic approach

Not a Buddhist or Taoist philosophy

The United States Constitution

Tied the inalienable rights of men to God

Only a moral people could self govern

Anything else would be flawed

Inspired to be greater than we are

Examples from others shall be

Proof that we can become better

Bet we should probably get a warranty


Don’t give up

Sometimes I feel defeated

I feel deflated and I feel down

When you lose any hope

It’s hard to make a rebound

If you can make any peace

With your self-doubt

If you remain steadfast

There is a chance you will not opt out

Don’t give up

Fight the fight

It may get tough

But you might sleep better at night

The more we acquiesce

The more we stop to try

The less we’ll have success

The more you’ll want to cry

Revere the enthusiastic

Remember the Greek

“The god within”

Reject what is meek

To become courageous

We should never rest

Until the good is better

And the better is best


How will you decide?

When you lie to the people

The public trust now in debate

The more you lie

The more we investigate

Some people will follow

Some people will lead

How will you decide?

On what you will believe?

If you can’t trust what they say

See how they act and see what they do

With every additional lie

You hold the burden for what is true

Fool me once shame on you

Fool me twice shame on me

Develop a better judgement

To determine what you see


If only in the shadow of clarity

The mind will create

A fiction, a myth, a way to explain

To decipher a reality

That we wish to retain

We have limited ability

The flaws of our reason have surely been told

The errors of our thinking throughout our history

There is much to behold

Some ideas act as a placebo

It makes you feel better if you believe

Yet it remains untrue

It is you that you deceive

Reality is not a subject

That we can all agree

Whether it be ethics

Or whether it be epistemology

The search for a universal

The search of a collectivity

May not ever be realized

If only in the shadow of clarity

Common sense is not common

Our logic will often betray

Our better sense of judgement

A logical argument in decay

The political academics

Argue over political philosophy

This is precisely why the constitution was born

To stifle any attempt with tyranny