What is your Doctrine?

What is your doctrine?

I’ve always wanted to know

How you always use identity

In the news as the political activism grows

What is the doctrine?

How do you argue your plea?

Just how does this help us?

Play the victim and then take a knee…(now I see)

So if we fight amongst ourselves

There will always be a victim

For you to rally around

Now you can divide us with this plantation dictum

What is the doctrine?

Needles for all?

Homelessness in the streets

Just be home by nightfall

What is your doctrine?

Please help me understand

You never debate the issue

Only invoking “hate” speech on demand

What is the doctrine?

Without ad hominem attack

Emotionalizing an argument

Why not just stick to the fact

What is the doctrine?

When you attack free speech?

Only if it benefits your appeal?

Only if it influences your reach?

You cannot really believe what you speak

Better to lie and mislead

Than to tell what is true

And let your vanity bleed