When The Heart Wanders


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What can fuel the passion of a wandering heart?  When you have failed to find support from those closest to you, the heart wanders!  The fairy tale was born out of such wandering hearts telling stories to pass along heart-felt desires.  For me, I searched for some philosophy that would help me understand the human condition better.  It started with psychology, than history, than philosophy.  I read for the pure interest in discovering a way to help me reconcile some of these vexing questions when my hearts’ compass was spinning.

It seems to me that many of us all have different sets of rules that we follow.  In general I think we are best when we are in supportive and nurturing relationships, and we are worst when we have failed to receive these imperative bonding mechanisms that eventually passes on to future generations.  The cultural differences can teach us much in this domain of study, as well as our understanding of human behavior and ethics.

I somehow found most of my direction purely by pragmatic motivation.  Simply asking very fundamental questions I refined my search queries over time and countless social observations.  I know that many people will derive alternative solutions for themselves and I can not speak for them, only my relationship with the world.

Much of our relationships are driven by our perceptions, emotional connections, and beliefs about how we are to fit into this earthly existence.  We are creatures that have needs, we have dreams, and we operate best when we have connections with others that have our best interests in mind.  The wandering heart is a profoundly observed phenomena in the human biosphere.  Mythology, Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Et. al., all have common themes in their discussion about such occurrences.  Keeping the heart from wandering is the trick if you are in a relationship, because of the correlation to find some satisfaction elsewhere if you are not having some need(s) met with the person you are in a relationship with.  Human relationships are not the only reasons for a wandering heart I might add.  Wanting to change your current situation whatsoever it is such as; educational, artistic, geographical, and many other instances are reasons for someone to wander in the realms of the heart.

When The Heart Wanders

I sit alone yet I’m next to you

How did we drift apart?

When did we lose ourselves my dear?

How did I lose my heart?

As a young man I vowed

To find my hearts’ desire

After a few rounds in this world

Found myself in and out of the mire

Relationships i found can be tough

But I’d rather fight to keep it

Teach us to learn better ways

Teach us not to say quit

When the heart wanders

We put ourselves in a different place

Wishing for a better deal

Wishing for someone to embrace

Jon met Joanie

Joanie met Tom

Another future lover

Another relationship gone

Why can’t we keep it together?

Why do we lust and fear?

Human’s are so fragile

Human’s are so dear

So I’ll just wish upon a falling star

And keep myself in check

I owe myself to be the best

And not to be a wreck

I’m not the type of guy that likes to wander around

I’m not the type of guy that roams from town to town

I think Dion had a problem

I think the wanderer died with a frown


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