How is it that we just don’t see?

We share the same experience

Our eyes and ears the same

It’s our polarizing conclusions

That puts my heart in flames

How is it that we just don’t see?

Do we Perceive the same way?

Do we understand and agree?

We are not dissimilar people

Both children of a shared family

One’s gone in different directions

One’s that shared the same calamity

Our lives diverged very early

We see the world in different ways

The apples don’t fall far away from the tree

So why am I in dismay?

How is it that we just don’t see?

Perceive the same way

Understand and agree

I’ve pondered this question

For many years

Finding no peace

I shed my tears

A family can never be close

If you only put yourself first

The intimacy is damaged

And ego is the curse