Our Friendship is Absentee

Spent a span of my life

Working for the man

Didn’t like what I became

Had to quit, so I ran

We all must work

We work to live

But when we live to work

We can no longer give

We fill the hours, days, weeks…

Consuming our time

Prioritizing our values

In a cultural paradigm

Sharing your life

With the ones you love

The most precious gift

Given to those around us

My time in this life

Should demonstrate a devotion to present

Sharing our lives together

And to this I give my consent

When we misplace our attention

When we follow this decree

We miss out on a fellowship

Our friendship is absentee

And so I speak these words

And thus I proclaim

Do not waste your time alone

Take back a life to reclaim


A Thought For the Beguiled

If you are seldom held accountable, and you have nobody to challenge your beliefs, then one may slip into a beguiled state of being.  The presence of others can often shepard us into changing our views, or even give us new information that we would otherwise not consider.  We may also ignore them altogether and essentially be the same as when we started before the exchange of ideas, but the chance for some modification of our beliefs may also take place in the exchange.  The probability of factoring in alternative views will eventually sift into our consciousness over frequency and time and we thus begin a learning process.

But what if we are isolated, and do not have many others to counter our experience with differing methods of behaviors and thoughts?  What if we are a product of what is around us, our family, our peers, and our communities?  What will then give us alternative ideas?  We are not simply mechanical beings programed by specific rules of conduct, we are human.  We are essentially gifted with the ability to challenge our own beliefs, thoughts, and direct our behavior as we see fit.  We are able to learn.  Unfortunately many are unable to find out this truth and eventually become trapped into a world without possibility.  They have surroundings and behaviors both physically and cognitively that entrench them into a life of servitude to these conditioning factors that enslave them.

The brave ones may see something not worthy of following, and break away from the rest of their associations that lead them to make changes in the path for themselves.  Many examples of this can be found all over the world as the comparative analytic mind works its power over the once enslaved individual.  A child can determine by observation both positive and negative reinforcers that will make a connection for them to define who they are by breaking from known tradition.  I happen to believe that this can lead people to make astounding leaps and bounds over their environmental influences and fundamentally change them when they connect to the power of a logical, emotional, or spiritual influence.

Trust your feelings


  A Thought for the Beguiled

Center of the universe

Eye of the hurricane

The trouble with passion

We substitute in place of need

And carry no blame

Adulation and accolades

Pyrite for the ego

Driven by the shadows we cast

Quiet desperation…on with the show

Drift through our lives

Chasing the wrong ideals

Emotional destitution

Do you know how that feels?

The battle for attention

Why ignore the hearts’ yearning

Inequity fills our mind

Sends the emotions burning

Trust your feelings

Forgive your past

Enter a new day

Live your life at last