The Confidence Game

In blind man’s bluff 

the confidence game we play 

the stake’s to be negotiated 

the consequences of what we say 

the deck of cards 

the wager we make 

our ability to deceive 

what is at stake? 

Self-interest is more dominant 

A trait associated with those of fame

I before thou

The rule often used

An effort we make with no shame

We justify our questionable actions 

we place ourselves out of view

a tactic that seems to work 

for a conscience without any review 

at times we must put faith in others 

at times we must be willing to take risks 

the day that the tables are turned 

the walk in these shoes will be brisk

You told me that you’re covered

 you told me that you’re OK 

I thought I’d seek out confirmation 

my expectation now validates my dismay 

you said things intending to appease me 

you said things only partially true 

when did the confidence game become more important?

and what am I to construe?

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