I’m A Grocery Man

I’m a grocery man

I work all the time

When you’re off on the weekend

I’m still workin’ …Mr. Kroger’s so kind

I’m a grocery man

Work every hour every day

Working on a Sunday

Sometimes isn’t worth the time and a half pay

I’m a grocery man

A career of sacrifice

Dwindling benefits

The company makes us pay the price

I’m a grocery man

What more can I say

Used to be a good job

Back in the day

Dealing with the public

Just isn’t right

They can do no wrong

My hands are tied…no fight

If you’re gonna ask me

I’ll give you some advise

If retail is a zero sum game

Than you better think twice

They are in it for a profit

At much of an employees’ expense

The cost of human labor

Makes the picket lines very tense

Wake up smell the coffee

It’s happening right before our eyes

Cheep Chinese goods traded

At the expense of American lives

Mr. Simmons can work

Ready, willing, and able

On the government SNAP

Living a socialist fable