Do What-Cha Gotta Do


bronze gratitude

Do what-cha gotta do

change your mind

change your heart

change your ways

make a new start

don’t delay

don’t put it off

don’t say you’ll never

don’t scorn and scoff

do what-cha gotta do (X 4)

a simple man

a simple life

been frustrated

been in-between my strife

I’ve tried my best

I’ve made my choice

now I live

alone by my voice

do what-cha gotta do (X 4)

if you ask me

I gotta say

no regrets

when you find your own way

if there’s one thing I’ve learned

a life’s value is set

if the reward outweighs the struggle

and is very hard to get

do what-cha gotta do (X4)

and so ya see

I’ve gone my way

nothing to hide

not gonna sway

life’s best answer

to those who ask

cannot be given

to those wearing a mask

do what-cha gotta do (X 4)

you might find

another view

that’s okay

good luck to you

one more thing

I gotta add

too much of anything

won’t get-cha glad

do what-cha gotta do (X 4)









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