I’d count the moments: Tribute to Euthyphro


I’d Count the moments we’d use to spend

I’d count these days in silence in-between our meetings till my heart would mend

If I’m down, I’d turn on the lights

I’d hide in the sun rays- me I’m just minding the time

If its dark, then I’d turn around and look to you for a glance

A reassurance I rely on much more than just by chance

reflection comes from the well of universal appeal

I know in these moments I would often pray and kneel

We’re often apart, yet so close we are

From as far back as an early age we’ve had to sail

For some time You were out of sight- behind this veil

And from time to time you would again be near

Much a-part of my life

No distance between us can keep us apart

I’d count the twinkle in your eyes

When father and daughter would again gather their charms

But when the most cherished of times in our hold

Disappear before us, when we forget the tale that is often not told

Never let your heart beat become defeated

Never turn away from the love you have forgotten or concealed

The customs of unreasonable people

Will sometimes turn against what is right

So lay down your emotional weapons

And reveal what you conceal

Use this logic, use your sight

Is it not for our piety that we are blessed, or is it not for our deeds that we become pious? For some this is a paradox, for others this is babble, you decide, the power to unlock the mysteries is yours.