The Road Most Taken

As I walk down this road

I think of remorse and regret     

Of times past

Making old wounds new

I somehow cannot forget

At times the mind wanders

Attached, clinging in tears

Driven by desperation

The misfortunes account for the sum of all fears

And so I walk in the shadows

Afraid and alone

Restless and isolated

Living with this sadness

A place I call home

I ask what do I live for?

I should not be in the past

I must awaken from my sleep

I must commit to this task

The lesson from ancient wisdom

Lies in the here and now

The life you have chosen is wasted

Thus they spake and gave teachings of the how

Men are at war with each other

Because each man is at war with himself

Man stands in his own shadow

And wonders why it’s dark

The contest not with the world

But a contest still of the self