The Calamity of Illusion


How many mistakes

In misfortune and providence must I make

Before I find

A truth to release me from the malnourished souls left unkind

The tears that I shed

Spent on these troubles of a humanity that has fled

From a wisdom of the past

Only a twilight in the minds of those aghast

At the ever-present rate

One would expect nothing more than our polarized hate

As the world goes mad

I ponder our fate and the chance to overcome

Still sad, still sad

Look not at the conditions of the vagrant souls about

Floating aimlessly abroad, no solace to take, but only in doubt

I rest not till I find my way

Through the passage of time I will summon the day

My journey I take

Though alone I deeply care

I find this inner calamity an illusion, and this illusion I must bare



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