The Charm of the Romantic

The charm of the romantic

Is a very powerful attraction

But we risk our objectivity

When we romanticize all of our transactions

Emotions are readily manipulated

Much like fantasy and the fairy tale

An audience not reliant on reason

Is often seduced by this veil

Feelings are dichotomous

If used alone they can mislead

But when used with reason

You are much more likely to succeed

This is not to say

That emotion has no merit

They embody the human condition

An essential part of living well that we will inherit

Emotion and spirit are subjective

Only with reason

Will they become transformative

If we look to anger

Petulance never resolves

If under a cycle of exasperation

Few actions will ever be solved


For Countless Generations

There are times when you feel pummeled and plundered

You see a thousand people cheat

You have to know when to fight back

And know when to take a seat

Much easier to see fault in others

Than to see fault within

So if you want a new start

This is where you must begin

The story of misfortune

An epidemic of moral decay

Inexhaustible accounts of the unforsaken

Albeit how do we portray?

It is certain you will be disappointed

Keep the spirit alive at all cost

Because when you are in deep despair

If you do not surrender hope- not all will be lost

When emotional resources are scarce

And there is no one to turn to when you are down

There is only one source that may help

Wherein the domain of faith can be found

Hundreds of millions of hearts and minds

For countless generations

Have given their testimony

And this is what they attribute for the explanation


What is your Doctrine?

What is your doctrine?

I’ve always wanted to know

How you always use identity

In the news as the political activism grows

What is the doctrine?

How do you argue your plea?

Just how does this help us?

Play the victim and then take a knee…(now I see)

So if we fight amongst ourselves

There will always be a victim

For you to rally around

Now you can divide us with this plantation dictum

What is the doctrine?

Needles for all?

Homelessness in the streets

Just be home by nightfall

What is your doctrine?

Please help me understand

You never debate the issue

Only invoking “hate” speech on demand

What is the doctrine?

Without ad hominem attack

Emotionalizing an argument

Why not just stick to the fact

What is the doctrine?

When you attack free speech?

Only if it benefits your appeal?

Only if it influences your reach?

You cannot really believe what you speak

Better to lie and mislead

Than to tell what is true

And let your vanity bleed


Let it Go

The assertion that families can pass down trauma from generation to generation

Just might be so

We must learn how to deal

We must then let it go

The struggle with attachment

The mind clings to negative things

The persistence of tribulation

And all that it brings

The imprint of family tradition

Takes deep root in the youngling’s mind

The stigma that is associated

And all of its kind

The burden that will face you

When all is said and done

Did you build any new happy memories?

Do they push out out the bad ones that are now next to none?


The Ameliorist

So you haven’t had it so easy

For yourself you had to fend

How do I get over my feelings of abandonment?

As a child I had to pretend

Sometimes it takes a lifetime

For you to work things out

If you never take any action

HD Thoreau’s quiet desperation

May surely come about

The ameliorist must make decisions

An ever changing environment we face

How do we improve our situation?

How do we stop running in place?

The path to reach any piece of mind

The thinkers must make amends with the past

Those who feel deeply must forgive any trauma

And mediate the iconoclast


Does not the braggart remain the fool?

You can build an intellect

Upon which you shall discern

The merit of a liberal education

Applied to that of which you shall learn

When you place yourself above others

Citing knowledge and facts you claim you know

Setting yourself up as authority

Isn’t it sad that this is what the braggart must show

Social media as an echo chamber

Test the water with politicized debate

But if you never look at critical evidence

You will only achieve a stalemate

What is morally reprehensible

Using ad hominem to attack

Belittling any opposition

Wrongly deposing any rendering of fact

When moral turpitude is not taken into account

Your only attempt is to try and school

You miss the forest for the trees

Does not the braggart remain the fool?


Acting within our Sphere

Did I choose wisely?

I can’t really say

If you don’t stand for anything

The choices will define you all along the way

Better to make a decision

Testing out on the world what you believe

So that you can readily falsify

The information you will receive

We are agents

Acting within our sphere

What remains hidden?

What remains clear?

Do we ask the right questions?

Do we take into account?

The cost of our failures?

To what extent and in what amount?


Careful the mind does not Daunt

It takes motivation, will, and determination

And to want it really bad

But to manifest a goal in sight

You must develop the behaviors you once thought you had

As dedication and discipline

Comes with a price

Don’t rest on your laurels

Make the sacrifice

It will not come easy

You must persevere

Navigate any resistance

Keep the mind clear

Illuminate the purpose

The heart wants what it wants

You cannot serve two masters

Careful the mind does not daunt


Ipso Facto

We are drowning in information

While we starve for wisdom

EO Wilson was right

We must synthesize input with our central nervous system

The Buddha once said

I never see what has been done

I only see

What remains to be done

And with this said

I give you my worth

Ipso Facto

We must act on our reason perpetually after our birth