Sans Vis a Vis

Here I write my thoughts for the day

Telling of my feelings

As I will share with you in this way

You can come here to learn

You can come here to see

Find out what I’m feeling

Find out all about me sans vis-a-vis

I’m an open book

Expressing here without reservation

Visit here anytime

Expressing here without hesitation

I might not tell you everything face to face

But you can always come here

To find my thoughts and heart in this place

I pour my heart into these pages

The truth is my aim

Balancing my struggles

You will find here what I proclaim

No matter how personal

The gentleman I wish to be

I document this pledge

And attend to privacy


Let Honesty be the Teacher

You make it wonderful

You make it right

You make everything around you brighten up in my sight

I wanted to tell you I appreciate

Those beautiful eyes

With every glance I take

It becomes clear and I realize

Just how special you are

This warmth inside of me will grow

A hopeless romantic?

Does it show?

What sorcery is this?

Or do I thank my lucky star?

Twinkle twinkle in the night

Have I gone too far?

Tell her how you feel

There really is no perfect time

Sometimes it is better said

Than to wait for the sublime

Trust in your feelings

Risk is not an unfortunate feature

Bring on this romance

Let honesty be the teacher