And So I Say this to You

This passion in my heart that burns so deep

You’ve touched my soul

And for this I weep

These tears of joy

You’ve brought to my eyes

No longer alone

My heart no longer disguised

You can search in a lifetime

And never meet that special one

Too often we are distracted

The wrong timing

Things never get done

I heard you laughing

And that’s when I knew

I want that laugh in my life

And so I say this to you

You are my muse

The one I revere

The one I feel closest to

Carino, my dear

It’s when I hold you and kiss you

When our hearts connect

Our hearts have bonded

Our hearts intersect


WikiPsalm #Twenty Seven


Such a tricky thing

We bring ourselves up praising our divinity

Or we let ourselves down hanging upon the noose of the string

Challenge yourself to be honest

About yourself and the world that we meet

This will save you from the discomfort

Of the reality you are sure to greet

WikiPsalm #Twenty Seven


WikiPsalm #Twenty Six

We spend our time

Asking the wrong questions

Chasing the wrong things

Taking the wrong suggestions

After awhile it dawned on me

In trial and error we test and find

The results that yield

The results that bind

Ask the right questions

Learn from your mistakes

Do not repeat what does not work

For this is the suffering we make

WikiPsalm #Twenty Six


The Many Things I Love about You

Your hands are soft

Like a velvet glove

The laughter you give

Are the things I write of

You have a warm heart

You sometimes will shield

You remain strong

But only in love will you yield

The smile of an angel

Will look upon my face

The eyes deeply expressing

To me what you embrace

From different worlds

That we might be

Are still but the same

For you and me

Your hair is radiant

Giving shimmer and shine

I want only to caress it

In these hands of mine

The words that you speak

Have me under a spell

The voice that I love

Makes my heart swell

The many things I love about you

I have yet to learn

I keep my heart open

And save them in turn


I Send to you this Telegram


Mi novia

Your kisses I cannot resist

The stars lined up when we met

And these wonderful feelings persist

Mi novia


Your soft lips taste so sweet

You bring out the romantic in me

Can you hear and feel my heartbeat?


Mi novia

I am happy as I am

But you bring my life so much joy

I send you this telegram