A Part of Me Want’s You to See


I’m alive when you are close

A part of me want’s you to see

I follow no rules, and no social etiquette

Only a yearning heart that says be with me

Listen to your heart

And the feedback it will give

Put your heart next to mine

A beating heart will thrive and live

So I am here

Writing this poem unspoken

Calling out to the universe

Mend those hearts that are broken

Look no further

I am close, I am revealed

Ask your heart

Are you ready for it to be healed?


WikiPsalm #Nineteen

We make our way in the world

How many times will I go down this path?

Repeating my mistakes

How many times will I forgo the wrath?

Sometimes a learning occurs

When do I wake up?

When do I find out?

When something shakes me up?

Pay attention to what is around

The mind may go to sleep

We become collectors of injustice

And this is what we will keep

WikiPsalm #Nineteen