So Here I Am Waiting

I’m trying to find my way in this world

I follow the path to the Sagittarius it leads

A heart that is bound

One that is willing to proceed

I value our friendship

And this I will make clear

I will protect your heart

I trust you know I am sincere

I offer my respect

That you truly deserve

I will bring out and nurture

Feelings you have that you reserve

Explore with me

How you really feel

So here I am waiting

Making my appeal


My Morning Prayer

The scent of your hair

The scent of your skin

A powerful medicine

Healing me from within

A gift from heaven

An angel maybe

A kind-hearted Soul

Just ask the lonely

You might ask me

Why I feel this way

I’m not really sure

I can’t really say

All I know

I want to share

Time with you

My morning prayer


I’ve got so much to give – Tengo Mucho para dar

Tengo mucho para dar
I've got so much to give

Es un mundo misterioso

Las cosas simples que a veces no puedo controlar

Mis sentimientos por ti se vuelven claros

Puedo sentir tu corazón

Arriésgate conmigo

Vamos a descubrirlos juntos

Quiero lo que te hace feliz

Trabajaré todos los días para traer esto vivo

Tu magia ya me ha funcionado

Compartamos nuestras fortunas

Compartamos este sentimiento

Hazme un hombre feliz

Comparte conmigo lo mejor de ti

Sé que puedes

El mundo se ha vuelto más hermoso

Solo estar cerca de ti lo hace bien

Podrías pensar que soy un tonto tonto

Pero siento que sientes esto como yo

El motivo está justo en frente de nosotros

Esta atracción está creciendo

Me gustaría que supieras

Puedo sentir tu corazón


It's a mysterious world

The simple things I sometimes can't control

My feelings for you are becoming clear

I can feel your heart

Take a chance with me

Lets discover them together

I want what makes you happy

I'll work everyday to bring this alive

Your magic has already worked itself on me

Let's share our fortunes

Let's share this feeling

Make me a happy man

Share with me the best of you

I know you can

The world has become more beautiful

Just being near you makes it right

You might think I'm a silly fool

But I sense you feel this like me

The reason is right in front of us

This attraction is growing

I'd like for you to know

I can feel your heart

It would be You that I Choose

Nothing can replace human love

No drug, no drink, no intoxicant

The endless tries

Become the endless lies of the sycophant

practitioners of love

Great and small

Send endless ripples

That affect us all

Doesn’t matter if your friend looks like Penelope Cruz

To me you are more beautiful

If I were to pick

It would be you that I choose


Your Tarot Card

You like me

I like you

So why don’t we –


Love your smile

Love your eyes

You know by now

That it’s no surprise

The best kind of song

That one can sing

The song from the heart

It’s a beautiful thing

I like your company

What you bring

Our conversations

The little things

You like me

I like you

So why don’t we –


I’d like to think

We go together

There’s something about us

That’s on a tether

You might say

I’m into you

I like the idea

The idea of two

Tell me miss V

Are up up for it?

I know it’s real

No need for counterfeit

Just let me in

Let down your guard

Let me be

Your tarot card


I’d Rather Risk Sharing

Am I in too deep?

I’m always thinking of you

What is going on inside me?

It’s just my point of view

There are people in this world

They capture your essence

Even the grown man again becomes the adolescent

Don’t get me wrong

It feels good to express this

It’s not everyday this happens

A special someone who gives you bliss

We begin to ask questions

When reason alone cannot solve

But it’s matters of the heart

That must be resolved

We question our motives

Why our feelings run so deep

Allowing ourselves to open up

Sometimes it’s best to take that leap

I’d rather not lock down my emotions

Protect my ego and it’s trappings

Live my life as I really am

In all of my happenings

Better to be honest

Present the true self you wish to be

We attract what we project

At least that’s what I see

You might think it’s not worth it

Controlling your heart by keeping it still

The consequences of such action

Are imposed upon us by our will

You will never achieve any happiness

This resolution imprisons the Soul

I’d rather meet my world freely

Not surrender my ego to control

I’d rather risk sharing my true feelings

Than never to have let you know

This would be more tragic

To conceal with a fear to show

I don’t fear the stigma of rejection

I don’t just throw my feelings about

I am secure and hold myself accountable

Despite how things might turn out


Your Smile is my Kryptonite

A grin

A smirk

Those beautiful eyes casting that lurk

Your many features impart beauty

Your eyes and your face

But your smile is what I embrace

When that sparkle in your eyes shine

I’m all in –

I thrive

I long to touch your skin –

I strive

I tell you this

So that you will know

My honest feelings

I have to show

I might be sentimental

On a limb I put myself out

So here I am reaching

Sensing you may have some doubt

Yet when I see you smile

The empath in me comes alive

Something I cannot control

Something I cannot deprive

When I see you smile

My heart reunites

Opens me up

Your smile is my kryptonite

tu sonrisa es mi kriptonita


The Quicksand of the Soul


The quicksand of the soul

Siddhartha mustered this insight

So many, many years ago

How do I know?

How do I relate?

Do I make this up?

Do I confabulate?

How many paths?

How many ways?

We can seduce ourselves

Clinging to this fantasy gaze

Fear not my compatriots

The wisdom comes from age

Tempered in the forge of reality

Allow the mind to disengage