Comedians Rant

We are stronger together

Adopting the code of the land

Dividing us by our differences

Our similarities are now on the lamb

The social contract

A covenant

The heart of the fool is in his tongue

As is the tongue of the prudent is in his heart

Understand this if you want to protect our young

An easy way to detect ignorance

Always ask the question how do you know?

What is often paraded around us

On with the show

Zombies are everywhere

All in a trance

Listening only to the media Pundits

Making them dance

In the guise of comedy

Many make their rant

Infiltrating mindless masses

Listen to them chant

Maybe we should teach

Mandatory classes in debate

The articulation of ideas

Opposing views encouraged to challenge the states

The greatest human tool

To strip us of disease

Pragmatic common sense

Let logic diagnose the needs

The wolves of the networks

Pretending to be the sheep

Disable the unsuspecting

Put many of them to sleep