The Distributive Law of Generosity

What is it about ourselves that we often don’t see?

hidden agendas, what motivates us?

Silently acting out?

What relegates us?

Humble is the soul

Looking deep into their reflection

Courageous is the soul

That discards their faulty perception

Intention is the mechanism

It defines the purity of the goal

Without accountability

A victim of circumstance exacts a toll

The faux pas’  of social interaction

Go undetected yet we conscript values as wares

At times we know what we are doing

At times we often do not care

The distributive law of generosity

The kindness shown in our hearts

Translates into action

That mends us together or tears us apart

What is it about ourselves that we often do not see?

A human realm of indecision

The moral questions of our humanity

We muddy the waters with no intellectual oversight

This duty to ensure our success

Lies not in the hands of another

But in our minds and this I do not contest

Harmony requires cooperation

Empathy a teacher of equal means

Reciprocity is seldom employed

A deliverance of suffering foreseen


A Pocketful of Tolerance and Heartache

An emotional cost is witnessed

The only return on the investment I made

‘Tis a pocketful of tolerance and heartache

‘Tis of this in which I have paid

I am not the ideal example

There is no pedestal for me

I try to live the best I can

But all I have to tell you is what I have to see

A struggle can be an opportunity

In struggle we can find our strengths

Sometimes the opportunity is lost

When we find too many imposing constraints

There are often unspoken assumptions

In the social presumptions we make

We tell ourselves that they are real

But we should test them to see if they are fake

How can we make sense out of the world?

We can’t even make sense out of our life

What is the cause of this frustration?

What is the cause of this strife?

Perhaps we take part in this deception

Perhaps we miscalculate our views

Place another one down the line of our query

Place another one in the back of the Que

Is there relativity in our observations?

Does the standard move from line to line?

Again from situation to situation?

Through the ethereal space or through those of us bound in time?

How do we decide this ethic?

Who gets to draw the lines?

How do we meet our standards?

When do we undermine?


The Children of a Lesser god


Children laugh as they play together

They don’t care what color you are

Parents haven’t yet taught them this

At what point are we going too far?


Circle of children ball in hand

The dodge-ball hurts as the skin is bruised

The target for kids

Who at this age are amused

Middle school

Competition is keen

For the adolescent youth

Sport, intellect or artistry

They seek to validate themselves by proof

High school

The social factor

Rules much of the day

The need to belong

Leads many astray

The family unit

The most influential thing

What do we teach our children?

What do you bring?

The children of a lesser god

For whom do they play?

Children of the lesser man

We teach them what we say!


The Confidence Game

In blind man’s bluff

The confidence game we play

The stake’s to be negotiated

The consequences of what we say

The deck of cards

The wager we make

Our ability to deceive

What is at stake?

Self-interest is more dominant

A trait associated with those of fame

I before thou

The rule often used

An effort we make with no shame

We justify our questionable actions

We place ourselves out of view

A tactic that seems to work

For a conscience without any review

At times we must put faith in others

At times we must be willing to take risks

The day that the tables are turned

The walk in these shoes will be brisk

You told me that you’re covered

You told me that you’re OK

I thought I’d seek out confirmation

My expectation now validates my dismay

You said things intending to appease me

You said things only partially true

When did the confidence game become more important?

And what am I to construe?


Paint a Picture

The artist

The poet

The philosopher

The cheat

Create the landscape

Another politician takes another seat

A portrait is painted

Subject sits and waits

What the painter see’s is open for debate

A poet brings life to words

Bends them together with their skill

Bends them together with their will

Philosophers use logic

Ontology and ethics create arguments that they empart

They mold their reality

Closer to the heart

The cheaters

The liars

The unfortunate breed

Collectively misdirect the people

They employ the magician’s creed

For everyday average people

The most powerful tool we can use

The pragmatic use of common sense

Prevent those who wish to abuse

Be wary of your judgements

Our information is incomplete

Deceiving others is unfortunate

Deceiving ourselves not realized is much more discreet


Media Puppets

Look who’s talking

I heard it on the news today
Geraldo Rivera the talking head

“OJ’s on parole” the newscasters say

Henley’s dirty laundry

More relevant even now

Everything has spin

False stories more than logic will allow

Is there any ethics in media?

Are these truly impoverished minds?

Telling us what to think?

Do they really inform us or do they keep us behind the blinds?

The failure to report

The people behind the scenes

The real crime of broadcasting

Tell us ohh journalists-tell us by all means

Show us the curtain

Show us the Wizard of Oz

Reject the current media puppets

Who tried to sell you the ” Santa Claus ”

Hold them accountable

Spotlight these egregious tube-heads who say

John Q. Public is not smart enough

From the begining to the end of the day


House of Cards

I’ve paid my debt

My patience my coin

Taxed on the outcome

My friend chaos I rejoin

How to replace the adversity we face?

Dissolution of our expectations

The silent tears leave no trace

Disquietude is clear no songbirds do we hear

The grays dominate

The grays begin to appear

Misfortune is met with an unchanging mindset

A tailspin attached

Down an alley with no outlet

A house of cards

Built by a stack that is balanced and displayed

Won’t win the game from the suit and hand underneath that is played

If I had to wager

One thing is for sure

There is no certainty

In the probably of a life

That is insecure

At the quantum level

Heraclitus was right

A metaphysics in flux

A human intuition to excite


The Dawn of Humanity’s Twilight

City is burning

Embers fall throughout the night

Burnt ashes of a homestead

Human flesh fertilizes soil after it sails through the air on its flight

Who has the authority?

Who has the right?

Machiavelli in The Prince

Endorsed it from his sight

The imposition of law

Governance to make things right

Can still manipulate the laws

And still make us fight

As in a society

A military uses its might

So does a single person

wronging another out of spite

An eye for an eye

The two wrongs that don’t make a right

Only love can conquer the world

Not a soldier and his smite

Whosoever dwelith in this world

Look back and use your hindsight

If we continue on this path

Till be the dawn of humanity’s twilight


Theater of War

Blinded by our illusions

We stay fast against the horde

Sharpening our weapons

Preparing for a victory or for a wake

The warrior tells themselves they are but servants

The defining moments of their life come to pass before the last rites are given

A time to reflect in a nano second if indeed they were justified

The mortality of our existence

The hubris of an ego left to rot on the field of battle

The control dynamic for our vigilance now seen

Do we perchance happen to resist?

Do we perchance happen to live?

What have we sacrificed?

What shall we manifest?

Left to sit in a rocking chair?

Left as lonely quiet sparks of a former self burnt out long ago

Lest we be in the theater of war

Damn the callousness of conflict

The conflict of what is outside us and what is inside us


The Axiom of Trust

The first principles


The most important dynamic in a relationship is trust

The most important way to convene a mutual trust is by communication

Our skill level is important in our effectiveness, and our affectivity in communication

Our integrity about our self-assessment is also crucial in the communication equation

Distillation 𝟷

Do we sacrifice our values for security?

We painfully drift through the day with hope we may have miscalculated but still we wait

Part of our intellect rejects our suspicions

Part of our intellect has faith in the glass half-full

But still we tread upon the uneven grounding in doubt

Wobbling around the cliff on a bluff of loose soil and gravel

The axiom of trust is arguably learned through trials of error

Persons with good role models stand to do better than most

The final challenge is dealing with ourselves

Have we mistaken ourselves for something we are not?

The delusion-fueled pride that is easier to see in somebody else is clear, yet we fail to see it in ourselves which can lead to a lifelong challenge for us

If we are not ourselves, than are we just a ghost of a persona we impersonate?

If we are not honest authentic beings, are we but hollow shells of an adopted person-hood?

The beginning point of meeting anyone worth befriending is someone whom will be themselves

This is not to criticize influences and artistic expression that emulates others

This is an honest expression of yourself as you relate to the world without the contrived and conscripted persona’s we sometimes use for some comedic value per se

We are agency’s of expression and not necessarily artists of expression

Distillation 𝟸

An intellectual and emotional war engaging

Two factions of a mind under assault

A minuscule war that devotes much of our sub-conscious psyche

Leaving only the residue of a parched intellect

Like pages turn yellow in the sun

Only the educated

Only the ethical

Only the duplicitous really know

The tricks to deal a narrative

Is it a straight tunnel, or one that is daft?

Do I believe myself?

Am I on the right track?

Talk yourself into a corner?

Talk yourself into the light?

All roads lead to where you are!