My Soul is not for Sale

My faith has been tested

My eyes have received confirmation

My soul is not for sale

My truth is my salvation

I take on my obstacles

I take them as they come

I learn from my mistakes

I modify my thinking to correctly plumb

Why do I fail?

Why is the question to ask

Why do I repeat?

Why is put to task

Clarify what is rubbish

Clarify the path I am on

Clarify what is good

Clarify what is wrong

Verify what is working

Simplify erroneous measures

Verify what is most important

Rectify misleading pleasures


WikiPsalm #Forty Six

Elevate your spirit

Do not be haunted by regrets or guilt

The past is not the present

Sometimes we pander to a fragile foundation that was built

Be accountable

Be kind

Put what’s done at rest

Seek opportunities ahead and not from behind

In the wake of uncertainty

Let not the ego charioteer your steed

Only when you find balance

Is only when you can proceed


WikiPsalm #Forty Four

When you are in love

She is the world to you

And in the world

All you see is her

It could be a song

It could be a place

I’m reminded of you

And that beautiful face

The scent of your hair and the taste of your skin

In my memory I can never erase

I am touched with this romance

And this is what I embrace

WikiPsalm #Forty Four



WikiPsalm #Forty Three

Monkey puts hand into a jar

Grabs onto the candy

But it won’t go far

When we invest in a wrong idea and we never let it go

No matter how hard we try

This effort will not reveal nor will it show

The truth will elude us

Hiding behind a shadow of stealth

Unless we modify our grip

We are certain to lose our mental health

WikiPsalm #Forty Three


WikiPsalm #Forty Two

Resting on our laurels will only take us so far

Work is always required to move on to the next plateau

What have you done lately?

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Keep in mind change is certain in our dominion

Where the collective minds gather

Variation of perception the only constant

Whether it be enduring or whether it be blather

WikiPsalm #Forty Two


WikiPsalm #Forty One

Proper action is both knowing and doing

To say you know has no merit unless you follow with practice in doing

To do without knowing why is like a coin toss

The results may vary

You might experience a win, you might experience a loss

Be a master with good habit

These dividends will carry you far

The realm of the superior person

The agency of a Confucian Czar

WikiPsalm #Thirty Nine