My Soul is not for Sale

My faith has been tested

My eyes have received confirmation

My soul is not for sale

My truth is my salvation

I take on my obstacles

I take them as they come

I learn from my mistakes

I modify my thinking to correctly plumb

Why do I fail?

Why is the question to ask

Why do I repeat?

Why is put to task

Clarify what is rubbish

Clarify the path I am on

Clarify what is good

Clarify what is wrong

Verify what is working

Simplify erroneous measures

Verify what is most important

Rectify misleading pleasures


WikiPsalm #Forty Three

Monkey puts hand into a jar

Grabs onto the candy

But it won’t go far

When we invest in a wrong idea and we never let it go

No matter how hard we try

This effort will not reveal nor will it show

The truth will elude us

Hiding behind a shadow of stealth

Unless we modify our grip

We are certain to lose our mental health

WikiPsalm #Forty Three


WikiPsalm #Forty One

Proper action is both knowing and doing

To say you know has no merit unless you follow with practice in doing

To do without knowing why is like a coin toss

The results may vary

You might experience a win, you might experience a loss

Be a master with good habit

These dividends will carry you far

The realm of the superior person

The agency of a Confucian Czar

WikiPsalm #Thirty Nine


The Archer and the Crab

I wasn’t looking

But then you came upon me

I didn’t expect what would happen

Somehow my heart is now full of glee

Maybe I was receptive?

Maybe I was under a spell?

But unlike anyone before

It was only you that I fell

You the Sagittarius

Shot me with Cupid’s arrow

The Archer and the Crab


I don’t think I’m crazy

What’s a poor boy to do?

I found love

I found it with you

I care deeply

Listen to what the heart will say

Having you in my life

I know now God has listened to me pray

I want only to make you happy

I’ll work hard to show you everyday

The passion we bring to each other

The passion that won’t fade away


I Have Never been More Certain

I write to tell of my feelings

I write to try and understand

Sometimes we need to hear ourselves

Not listening to what’s in the hinterland

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it

The world changed in the dark gloom

I was alone but I still fought for a life

I kept my faith, I didn’t presume

Taken by surprise

You brought my life vitality

Something I did not expect

But I was attracted to your personality

I was receptive

I wanted to strive

Because of you

I wanted to thrive

I seem to think that your story

Just might be similar to mine

You didn’t know what to think of me

But somehow we connected

Over these months that we have spend time

The many wonders of the universe

We have much to figure out

I have never been more certain

With the girl from Los Reyes Michoacan De Ocampo I am devout


I Wanna Visit Sacramento

I wanna visit Sacramento

Your family is not far from mine

My mom lives off of the river on Cadillac

Your dad lives near the road Calvine

I’d like to meet him if we ever pass through

I’d like to tell him how I feel and this is what I’d say

Your daughter is kind, smart and beautiful

And I am falling for her in these ways

I promise I will always treasure her heart

I am committed to serving her till the end of my days

I wanted to tell you this face to face

I wanted to tell you this man to man

I am interested in your daughter sir

And I would like your blessing for her hand


WikiPsalm #Thirty Five

I cannot change many things around me

I place my mind to hope for the best

I can and will do what’s in my power

Align myself with a positive energy of which I will vest

I will not deny the things that are upsetting

I will not feed this energy

Balance is the natural world around me

If you feed the negative, than you will fall into entropy

WikiPsalm #Thirty Five