WikiPsalm #Fifty Eight

Be humble not prideful

If you sever your attachments you sever the pain

If we cling to an injury of the past

We shall suffer this affliction once again

Cast away old fixations

Strive to learn from them and move on

Don’t be a prisoner of your making

Don’t adhere to this con

WikiPsalm #Fifty Eight


WikiPsalm #Fifty Seven

It’s not about being right

We are not the authorities of moral high ground

What matters is our actions

I claim this argument sound

The discovery of ego

Elude many it will

Distract and misguide us

The ego is a shill

The ethics in human behavior

Does not represent

Justice for the masses

In ignorance we consent

WikiPsalm#Fifty Seven


WikiPsalm #Fifty Five

The poison of money

I’ve seen this first hand

Divide any loyalties

An addiction we misunderstand

This trade we make

Selling our soul to the highest bid

Doth not make us any happier

For any pro-quo quid

The love of mammon

The root of evil

Error of judgement

Pierced through with the many sorrows in upheaval

WikiPsalm #Fifty Five