And This is what I Perceive

The sun warms my body

It’s radiance replenishes me

You like the sun warms my heart

Like no other before

I trust in we

I am honest with my feelings

I’ll tell you what I think you should know

Me the poetic gringo

And you the girl from Mexico

It matters not from what country we come from

It matters not what other people believe

We are all children of God

And this is what I perceive


WikiPsalm #Thirty One

When did we become experts?

Driving the social media rants

So many divisive opinions

Hear the misinformed chants

The wolves in sheep’s clothing

Dictate the narratives we often read

How many of us do research?

How many of us blindly concede?

There is a war on our freedom

Do not repeat the party rhetoric to look cool

Understand the constitution

Don’t become a mindless fool

WikiPsalm #Thirty One