A Captivation by Degree

In the twinkle of an eye

Something changed inside of me

I was stirred by endearment

A captivation by degree

I want only to tell you

But somehow I think you may know

Just how I’m feeling

It is hard for me not to show

A part of me feels stronger

When you are near

Not sure of why

Only that it is clear

Consider your friendship

To make it stronger?

I hope not to make you hesitate

Will you look any longer?

Maybe I am mistaken

Maybe the search is still in progress

What have you found?

I am here, nevertheless

Is it the right timing?

Is it the right fit?

Can you invest yourself?

Can you admit?

Did I not see something in you?

That see’s something in me?

Have I got it wrong?

Look into the mirror or let it be!

I trust you will do the same

I only want to share what I see

I surrender to the universe

Open your heart, you have the key

Una Cautivación por grado