Piety of the Cynic


You keep thinking that your life’s gonna change

But what do you do?

Did ya think it’s getting any better?

Did ya think it’s a deja vu?

How much can you trust your ego?

At what cost, at what worth?

Consider it serious?

Or just consider it with mirth?

Did I turn into a cynic?

Did I write my decree?

Place myself above others?

Or put myself down on a knee?

When did I stop caring?

Or do I care too much?

Do I put myself before others?

Or am I out of touch?

Quell my faith in sincerity

Disbelief in the goodness of Humanity

Where am I to go?

Belief in wisdom, or is it mental profanity?

I must help myself

I must begin with me

Careful of my intention

Suspect of all that is carefree

I begin with an ending

I begin with a choice

The circular reasoning

Now bedevils my passive voice

The piety of the cynic

echoes bouncing inside my head

Is it my salvation?

Is it my Spearhead?


The Forgiveness of Folly

We tread in place around our world

Not paying attention to our behavior

Yet we continue to cast judgement on those around us

Who are we…a savior?

Losing focus on our manner

We just might play by the selfish rule

Looking to get what’s ours

Who do we really befool?

Hard lessons must be learned

Before the behaviors get set and gel

By example we must lead

By example we must dispel

We prompt up each other

We support our creed

As we can fail each other

If we look only to our own need

The seduction of attention

Is a very curious thing

It can profoundly change us

Lead us to self-worshiping

I know of my folly

I have spent time on this road

It doesn’t get us any further

This is what I forebode

To be honest

We must see not our differences but our similarities

To recognize the landscape

To recognize the solidarity

Many factions will not agree

Many factions are bereft

Look to the Roman Emperors

Murdered by the Senate or Praetorian Guard’s Cleft

History often repeats

Many people are still much the same

Despite new rules and new societies

Many still operate under this peculiar game

When will we grow up?

How many more centuries will it take?

Forgive us our misdirected energies

Forgive us our folly that we forsake


Paid my Dues

Paid my dues

No one owed me anything

Earned my way

Maybe sometimes under the angels wing

I roll with the punches

Don’t always get what I want

But when it comes down to it

Do or die on with the hunt

Don’t know if you can teach this

Don’t know when I was taught

Boils down to character I guess

Either gifted or sought

But let’s be honest

I’ve tumbled many times with scars still there

I pray to be humble

Not too salty

When balanced I’m aware

The darkest of times

Lies not in the absence of light

But in the absence of faith

Thinking there will never ever be any cessation of night

Call it a miracle

Call it chance

Swear into the wind

Or stay in a trance

Become the person

Your past self will appreciate

Inspire by beating adversity

Get on with the Chase

Love conquers all

See with your heart

Heal the wounds

Make a new start


Lift the Veil

Lift the veil

Clarify my life

Let me see the true meaning

What contributes to my strife?

The root of our deceit

Take away the delusions

Keep me sane

Take away the illusions

Can I get past my ego?

Can I muster the strength?

Am I true to myself?

In what time, at what length?

Correct my vision

See through a clear lens

Do I create what I see?

So it’s on me that it depends

Purify my heart

Don’t let my prejudice get in the way

Find my way home

On this I will pray

Manifest your destiny

The laws of attraction demonstrate

There are no shortcuts with karma

You receive what you cultivate

Lift the veil

Clarify my life

Let me see the true meaning

What contributes to my strife?


Police Car One-Zero-Nine

Message in a bottle

Sending out an SOS

Perplexity for Felix

His identity has become detached

Aligning himself with poor choices

Police car one-zero-nine now dispatched

Pent up feelings

Will never cease to rest

Boiling water turns to steam

The heat will burn when this vapor is expressed

Ticking time bomb

The clock tick’s away

Part of the human condition

Tick-Tock; what more do I need to say?

Our capacity for emotion

Great love or great hate

The worst kind of human experience

Apathy eradicates human fate

Both the heart and mind must guide you

Especially of what you feel

The wisdom of this harmony

Is precisely in its appeal


Is In Just Where This Destiny Lies

We thrive on love

Yet our embittered hearts divide us

It’s madness we prevent

The only thing that can provide for us

Love is sacred

A necessary condition to live well

Deny this condition

We create our own hell

Our biggest opportunity

Teach the children how to nourish this need

Many parents have impoverished souls

Many children will take heed

Everyday is a new beginning

We must start to recognize

The fate of our humanity

Is in just where this destiny lies