Piety of the Cynic


You keep thinking that your life’s gonna change

But what do you do?

Did ya think it’s getting any better?

Did ya think it’s a deja vu?

How much can you trust your ego?

At what cost, at what worth?

Consider it serious?

Or just consider it with mirth?

Did I turn into a cynic?

Did I write my decree?

Place myself above others?

Or put myself down on a knee?

When did I stop caring?

Or do I care too much?

Do I put myself before others?

Or am I out of touch?

Quell my faith in sincerity

Disbelief in the goodness of Humanity

Where am I to go?

Belief in wisdom, or is it mental profanity?

I must help myself

I must begin with me

Careful of my intention

Suspect of all that is carefree

I begin with an ending

I begin with a choice

The circular reasoning

Now bedevils my passive voice

The piety of the cynic

echoes bouncing inside my head

Is it my salvation?

Is it my Spearhead?