Crossbones and Skull

The kindhearted people with words of callow

Trapped in their lexicon with limited use

See only the world

The lens inside of the hangman’s noose

The trouble with pain

The endurance of dispute

Poses their alternatives

Defines their repute

The teacher of heartache

The sting of the bee

Alters our sense


Resist the crash

Thirst for grace

Lift the spirit up

Not from the bottle

Nor from the cup

Our limitations of thought

Our limitations of mind

Imprisons our perception

Leaves us resigned

The embittered people

Take sight of their prey

Hawkish characters

Leads them astray

Clinging on to pain

Whining hearts left dull

Attend to the Victim

Crossbones and skull


2 thoughts on “Crossbones and Skull

    1. Than you, I’ve read your blog and appreciate your courage to open up; especially the martini’s and memories! Write on! 😇