I Cast my Gaze


Photo: courtesy of Armando Diaz


I cast my gaze on myself and see

My virtues I’ve paid with the vices that I conceal

To be fair, not often but enough to take account

It’s hard to be honest When you’re left in a cloud of doubt

Why must I weep

I judge the past

Move on to live a new day

Leave alone a heart once smashed

I’m told we’re angered by others who remind us of our own deeds

We recognize the similarity and persecute what we’ve sown from our seeds

So I proclaim look only in the now

Save yourself from ridicule of the introspective eye

Ones that cannot forgive

Will only want to cry

A life is not measured by continuing a backward glance behind

It is only for us to find in the now

If some memories could only be blind


Photo courtesy of Armando Diaz