Random Words and Wisecracks from the undervalued Adelweiss



Get this….

I keep the world close to me

I speak aloud with my witticisms

I protect myself from discovery

I think I am but a ruse upon the world

I taint the world around me

As my soul paints in dark and black

My scowls show my fear

I run away from my shadow

As I head into the dark

An enigma of my creation

uses my sarcasm to make things right

I speak the unspeakable

I wear this heart on my sleeve

I have only visions of bleakness in my sight

Of which live only in Dreams

I care little about myself

No one truly sees me

I feast on what my mind serves me

I’m alone yet I secretly scream out

Only the few are able to find me

I often hide in plain sight

Yet I never seem to get it right

I therefore curse at the world

I burn up in my ferocious fight

We should bask in the glory

Avoid all of our Shame

We should not feel this

Though it’s closure all the Same

The energy we take is not always what we make

If you live on the Rye

Than just say goodbye

Giving up ain’t the way

Some say yes, and Some say no

I now say Sayonara, but want to say Kon’nichiwa

I am but in Jiberishbullcockery



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