Is This the Status Quo?


I have an idea

Maybe it’s popular

Maybe it’s crude

Should I share it on social media?

Is it crazy? Is it Lewd?

We seek out confirmation

We seek a validation that rings true

Are we deceiving ourselves?

Preaching to the choir?

Singing the blues?

We look to find others

With similar views

Keeping us up to date with precedent

But is this just another ruse?

Gotta find those people

Gotta find my muse

Gotta be in the know

When do I light the fuse?

We the social animal

We the egoist crew

We that need to belong

What do we satisfy when we accrue?

What audience am I seeking?

What conclusions do I prove?

Are we not looking in the mirror?

Are these not the reflections of our biases we behoove?

Are we expanding our outlook?

Or do we keep in a box?

One that is predictable?

One that is orthodox?

I’m not sure this takes us to anything new

I’m not sure this is a way to go

Why must we behave in this way?

Is this the state of affairs? Is this the status quo?