The Irony in The Myth of Sisyphus

When your outlook is dim

We tend to notice what in life is grim

We relate to the world

Thinking that the fix is in

Our energy diverted

A diminished reality

We see only the negative

How can this be?

I tire of this habit

Beholden to this claim

I tire of this feeling

That subjects me to shame – Who’s to blame?

The physics of emotion

In all antiquity

Questioned by the mystics

The essence of energy

Suffering can be averted

If the mind employed is free

Free from attachment

Siddhartha Gautama is key

If we manifest our destiny

The impoverished minds will plea

God please save us

They shout at the devil – reactionary philosophy

If we manifest our destiny

The wise men say

We change our reality

Orient to the positive

Attract to the good in this way

Whatever befalls us

10% is what we make it

As for the rest of our experience

90% is how we take it

The myth of Sisyphus

Camus counters with disdain

The obsession absurd

Is it an irony of perception?

An irony all the same!


A Mystery of Division

Tears are falling

The vapid people cry

Another patron saint is calling

Upon those in grief who try

What is the price levied?

Upon the dark souls of those with twisted philosophies?

Justice is often served

When the blindfold is employed indeed

The Western world under attack

An evil is upon us; the globalist agenda creed

The Middle Eastern world does not assimilate

The jihadist refugee invasion…agreed

Ptolemy to Copernicus

The earth is no longer the center, as are we

Science now in many paradigms

Christian dogma again under siege

The origins of religion

And the laws of man they decree

The flaws of man in jeopardy

A mystery of division now seen